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Happy birthday IgStar!!


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How did I almost miss this thread?!

I hope you are having a great birthday weekend. :) Ideally caesars will be involved, of course! :D I'm sure the big surprise will be fab, and you deserve a most stellar celebration - enjoy.


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daddyiwantchocolate said:
I hope you're so incredibly drunk that you can't post in this thread till Monday!


pretty close!
I still have a bottle of wine left AND vodka for more caesars later :)

thanks everyone for the bday wishes.
it was a lurvely evening filled with booze and surprises.



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eep! I almost missed this!
Happy Bday and Happy Anniversary Jen!

Hope the bday weekend was fantastic and drunk and welcome to the dirty thirties!


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Happy Be-lated Jen! Hope this year was the best one yet and hope I get a chance to see you again in the future, miss ya. :)


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anyone who is also going to be around (maybe visiting home as well)

get in touch with me....my husband has surprised me with a gift of going home for a friggin month!
I'll be around til Jan 21....

it'd be nice to see as many faces as I can, since this will def. be the last visit for awhile. gotta make the most of it.