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Happy birthday IGGY!


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its not till Monday, but today is the start of her birthday weekend. Have a good one Jenn, and see you wednesday for a few celebatory drinks.

here is some poutine for good measure


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Happy Birthday!

I certainly hope we get to meet some day. In the meantime, I enjoy reading about your life. I think you're funny. And I like your anger. :)

Have a great weekend. Let all the shit just roll off your back. Ya hear!


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Hope this week-end will be fantastic for you... Although I have never met you, you seem to be an awesome person.

Take good care and enjoy! :)


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Happy birthday ya skunt. I'm glad I finally got to hang with you and am looking forward to celebrating with you this weekend in high style. :cool:

So we gonna smoke a ounce to this!
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happy birthday jen-d!

been real good talking to you over the past YEAR AND A HALF almost! holy shit its been a while. but either way thanks for all your support and good advice...

Have a good one, wish I could be there tomorrow :(
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thanks guys!
I am really really, yah, like REALLY looking forward to coming to celebrate my b-day with you guys that are gonna make it out!
after months of hibernation, this weekend is going to be nothing short of a CRAZY-TRAIN to Debaucheryville, ON.

and I'm driving. (not drunk)
thanks again, can't wait to see you tomorrow!

*pounds back 26er*

Happy birthday in advance Iggstar!

Really looking forward to spending the evening with you and being part of the antics! ANTICS I SAY!

So many pictures. Heh heh heh.

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