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Happy Birthday Futronic!!!


TRIBE Member
ah jay,
without you i probably would never have become involved with this whole tribe world
i owe you mucho somethingo

from the instant i met you, i could tell that you were 'good people'
you were so easy-going and fun to be around that i couldn't turn down invites to hang out with you
you take great pictures, you make great food, and you'll buy a broke friend drinks if they are in need :D
i can't say enough good things about you, so i'll cut it short and let others have their turn

to the my fave foodie
hope your birthday is fabulous!

and remember, although we may not party as much as we used to
we're still hardcore at heart :)

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Jay my dear, like I had mentioned before, it has been so long since I've last talked or seen you.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday and get all your heart's desires.




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jay (and others) from tribe 8 year at turbo
i miss that orange shirt!

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jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! happy birthday dude :) to one of the best cooks and all around genuine people i know, have a great birthday :)

p.s. wine tasting now please


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Happy birthday Jason :p

I miss having ya around every weekend :D I hope your wino friends know what they got ;)

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That selfish bastard, he just had one of those birthday things last year!

heh, haven't said hello in a long time but happy birthday Jay :)

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Thanks for the warm wishes, all. :)

Also good to see some people come out of the woodwork to post in the thread (myself included :p).

-- Jay aka Fut

p.s. - Michelle, I've still got that Iron Chef America vs Japan tape for you.


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happy birthday jay a.k.a fut.

still haven't forgiven you for throwing me in the pool at the tbq years ago...but you've definitely grown on me. :)
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