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happy birthday French Disco Girl


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Happy Brithday Kelly-Jean

happy birthday to the girl who hates wearing socks.....
don't worry about your age, we'll still love you when you've been around the block


you're a really good friend....
and I know that I can count on you in the end.....

because you're.....kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly K - E - L - L Y........ Y? beacause you're kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly.........

welcome to the


Happy ## Birthday Babydoll :D

please don't kill me.......


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Happy birthday sweetie.
you truly are a genuine and beautiful person.
Hope it is wonderful :)

~ Johane
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Have a Stupedous B-day Kelly. :)

P.S. Make sure you call me tomorrow; And not while your sleeping either.
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Are our schedules ever gonna correspond?

Can't you skip your yoga classes? How much peace of mind can u take???? :D

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French Disco Girl

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thank you!

i told you already will, it's not until next year, but thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes. however that picture has definately shortened your life span [re: you are sooo dead meat].

johane - thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. i will [hopefully] see you on the 19th!

joshua - it's 19, get it right. minus 10 years for commendable behaviour. God said so ;)

alexd - thank you! it makes me wanna dance too

astro_robb - its been sooo long. thanks for the sweet birthday wishes

tina_bo_bina - spank you pasta queen

james - i'm sure this year will be no exception :) thank you for the birthday wishes.

alex - you sexy bitch, thank you.

shaun - thank you for the card, it was super sweet [jus like you]. i'm looking forward to calling you during waking hours ;)

ALLIE - today marks our one year friend_iversary! hopefully you won't be left in the position of back rubber and babysitter like last year :D

small fry johnny - thank you. i hope to see you out tomorrow night! we are due!

mel - thank you for the birthday wishes

djcheezwhiz [john, right? sorry, i think we've only met once] - thank you for the thoughtful birthday wishes

vinder - you sexy bitch. thank you. us taurus' rule. happy birthday to you too!

sunnya ... i know i know! that damn book of yours creates so much sexual frustration, i need the yoga classes to give me that 'peace of mind' ;) i hope to see you out tomorrow!

geminigirl - thank you. i appreciate your birthday wishes

happy birthday to dylan too!!


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hmph. I never get to see you anymore *pouty face*

Happy Birthday to one very special person. I look up to you Kelly, despite you encredible shortness, I do!

Marcia and I wanna get together soon. we have a little something that might help your trip ;) but you better not just want our money, biatch!

so here's to you Kelly!


[insert old drawing of kelly]

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if only i had a scanner, that *charlie's angels 2001* pic would be handy right about now. :)

happy happy birthday kelly! may your year be filled with lots of thrills and laughter.
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