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Happy Birthday, Echo!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! you are one very special person. I hope your birthday is the best yet and have a great year!

isn't congratulations in order as well? (one year anniversary is around this time yes?) :)

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happy birfday to a beautiful girl who always has a kind word to say, and puts a smile on my face the rare occasions i do see her.:)

have a good one, schweetheaht.



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Happy birthday baby. ;)

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Booty Bits

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bitchateer birthday say wha?

you know i'm crazy about you.

can't imagine this past year without you :)

have an amazing day and i will see you this weekend, with bells on.


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Hey Amy, no shit its your Birthday eh?

Guess I should know that eh?
I will definately have to come visit very soon. You need to tell me where your livin now. I will try to come Saturday to celebrate with you...Congrats Darlin!!!!!!!!!!!



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what?? why was i not informed of this glorious day earlier???

it's been almost a year since i first met you and in that time i can say you have been the sweetest, kindest, most caring, hostess with the mostest person a friend can have. i hope you have the bestest birthday ever and here's to many more good times.

happy birthday amy!!!!! :)

ps. can't wait to see the new place all furnished up!
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French Disco Girl

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Re: Thanks Everyone!

Originally posted by echo
Awww...this is very sweet :D

You know...this birthday has completely snuck up on me!

I guess that's what happens as you get older eh?


as it did on me ;)

amy, these past couple of years (its pluralized now!) that i have had the pleasure of sharing with you, have been nothing short of mmmarvelous & adventurous :) i just wish this year could have been filled with as many corrupt outings with you, as have been in the past. all the best sunshine - god knows you are the one girl deserving of it.

p.s. we don't get older silly, we get wiser and sexier ;)


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Re: for old times's sake...

Originally posted by Libradragon
i think now we're done....
Fuck just for fun..

It was the summer of 93
I was down, did too much drinking
too much thinking

[not really sure what this line is saying]
you had a simple thing about you - couldn't live without you
we took the D-Train from uptown
all the way down
but that was then, this is now
you drove me INsane, but i can't complain

we had a thing now we're done
coz sometimes fuck just for fun....
and it's real cool, and it feels good, or at least it should

Get out on your own girl, that's what they say
we've been through feminine statistics,
[can't remember the next words either]
they don't hear the way you sound when you say, "hey girl, what time you coming round?"

i work like a slave for it
turn all day praying for it
swam shore to shore for it
go out like a whore for it
but when i'm down, I'm DOWN...hey girl, what time you coming home?

On a tangent, I just found my old RDJ Galctic Funk tape with this track on it...I rewound ithe track five times last night :)
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Amy it's your birthday! Happy Birthday Amy!

Long time no see Miss Echo, all the best on this anniversary of your birth! :)


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happy birthday amy!

to the girl who begat the flailing elbows phenomenon, i hope you have a fantastic birthday :)
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haaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday miss!

boooooooooooo on no internet access at work, thereby limiting my happy birthday wishing abilities!

here is a birthday haiku for amy:

it's amy's birthday.
hmmm, how shall we celebrate?


i love you sugar! and i will even try to dance to breaks to prove it.
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