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Happy Birthday, Echo!

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happy birthday!!!! :) i've only had the opportunity of speaking with you on a few occasions, but from your kind words it's easy to tell you are an amazing person...

have a great day!!!

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To My Fellow Pisces!

Hope your March is filled with Madness! I also hope all is well (havent seen your ass in a while).

Have a GREAT Birthday!




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for old times's sake...

i think now we're done....
Fuck just for fun..

It was the summer of 93
I was down, did too much drinking
too much thinking

[not really sure what this line is saying]
you had a simple thing about you - couldn't live without you
we took the D-Train from uptown
all the way down
but that was then, this is now
you drove me INsane, but i can't complain

we had a thing now we're done
coz sometimes fuck just for fun....
and it's real cool, and it feels good, or at least it should

Get out on your own girl, that's what they say
we've been through feminine statistics,
[can't remember the next words either]
they don't hear the way you sound when you say, "hey girl, what time you coming round?"

i work like a slave for it
turn all day praying for it
swam shore to shore for it
go out like a whore for it
but when i'm down, I'm DOWN...hey girl, what time you coming home?
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happy birthday from one 'older woman' to another!!;)

someone who is full of energy, spirit and lots o' love..you deserve a wonderful day and a year filled with happiness!!

looking forward to celebrating this weekend!

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Happy Birthday Amy :)

Thanks for starting my new year off so sweetly with the most amazing prediction of our future.

Can't wait to see your new place.


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Thanks Everyone!

Awww...this is very sweet :D

You know...this birthday has completely snuck up on me!

I guess that's what happens as you get older eh?

Can't wait to celebrate on saturday nite....we are headin out to the old school breaks party at Labrynth...should anyone wish to join :)

Naomi..I havn't heard that song in ages....must go home tonite and play it. Good memories definitely ;) Thanks hun.

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Happy Birthday, Amy!

I hope you're enjoying your day and that all your wishes come true.




Chiming in with birthday bells...ding ding ding - have a great one Amy!!
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