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Happy Birthday doodlebug!!!


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One year older,
One year wiser.

You're the fucking bomb Natalie.
Have a great day. I love you. :D


p.s. I know your birthday isn't for another 2 hours, but I couldn't let anybody beat me to it. ;)
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Holy shit! Now we really need to hang out!

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest girls evah!

Sander tomorrow?
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happy birthday hun!
you seem totally wikked...
although we only breifly talked (and worked haha) at the cottage


have a good one
i'll drink a few for you tonight

narissa :)


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Happy Birthday doodlebug, enjoy your party. :)


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happy b-day to miss cuba ... i guess we'll all have to do it up lateah tonight huh ?? :D

have a great day natalie...!!!


ps don't worry 35 is not too bad :) ...


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ahh. I can feel the love - YOU ALL ROCK my internet world!

I can honestly say you are some of the nicest, coolest, smartest, funnest people I have encountered in a while and you all make me smile :D

thank you!!!!

natalie :D


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Happy Birthday!! doodlebug!

Hey girl.
Happy birthday!
You are a person who truly gave me such gREAT vibe when i met you first time.
You totally give good impression..i mean you know what? that's because it is you! doodlebug! heheh..

I hope you are going to have one of the happiest happy birth-day!

Oh i so wanna join with the parties wt you, girl..lol

Have a great time!


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Happy Birthday :D! You seemed really nice when i met you at DD. Hopefully we can party again sometime. Have an B-day weekend:)


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Happy birthday Nat! Good seeing you at the cottage a while ago.

Continuing on with the tradition:


From the Xmas party ...

-- Jay aka Fut
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Happy Birthday Natalie! :)
I hope you have a great one and
an even better year!

(Hope to see you out soon! :D)
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