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Happy Birthday Deko-ze!


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Although I think it was on Friday? better late then never!

Hope you had a fantastic birthday my friend! :)

You're sooooooo dreamy! :p
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If you wear the get up you wear at Pride....you'll get laid guaranteed. Good to see you on New Years in Montreal. Happy Birthday!


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I said my well wishes this morning. I think he's like the rest of us and has week long bdays. killer set, by the way. the man never disappoints.
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It was AWESOME Friday. A great nigt!! And Fabulous music!!

Happy Birthday Michael. Blowing you a kiss.

Dr Trance

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groovespinna said:
Whoa-Michael saluted the late lead singer/songwriter for The Village People!!! And did Wade dress up as the construction worker for your birthday?
I'd ask if he did the cowboy thing, but "Brokeback" has made that get up so...1963.

Happy Birthday, bitch.:D
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AHA! I remember a few times looking around and thinking how many tribe people were there semi-regularily like myself but simply post vicariously through Nawberry, Kinger, dg and BBJ and myself.


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You may not live in my building (right?), but that doesn’t mean that I cannot wish you a happy birthday. Happy Birthday!