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happy birthday ChrisD


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happy birthday to the most senior mongo of them all :)

may the next year be filled with tons of hawt chicks and buckets of lube!

in all seriousness may you find the happiness you seek in all aspects of your life and always have close friends around you.

another year older isn't a bad thing it just means you can't bang 17 year olds anymore!
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may your birthday bring hot, sweaty sex and lots of honking on BoBo

happy bday to my fave mongo ;)


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Some Rocco for your Cocko

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May your year bring many accolades in the sculpting of your guns
Mongo awesome.
happy birthday strongman


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chris, may you have a happy bday and share your workout plans with me
(on a side note, I cant beleive that i'm lazy enough that I have to steal peoples workout plans............i feel a nap coming on.......)
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Awww, happy birthday to one sweet Mongo!

We haven't met yet, but I am sure we will definitely have a blast if we do.
Hope you have a blast!



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Happy birthday Chris! You're a great guy, thanks for all the help. I hope your birthday is filled with lots of hot broads, steaks, and bjs.
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Happy Birthday to a guy that can get away with using the terms "broad" and "cumdumpsters" around here.

Have a good day and try not to get into to much trouble
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