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Happy birthday Big Cheese

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Michael Drury

TRIBE Member
Happy Birthday Greggers!

You are one of the finest individuals I know - even better than a fine wine. I will never forget how we met that evening at Suburban Session #1 ... from that point on you have become such a great friend.

You know I love you bro and I hope you have the best birthday yet - you deserve it.

Now before you go out and start to celebrate and shit - "Girl go get yer nails did!" Unhuh!

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TRIBE Member
Happy birthday BUDDY!

Thanks for the cat nap at 99 Sudbury.

YOU'RE MY HERO and you sure are a nice nice guy!

The Watcher

TRIBE Member

Happy Snazzy Bday Dude, you deserve a wikid day.

Call me when you are free, I'll treat ya to a Slurpee... LAKESHORE STEEZ


Kung Po Beef

TRIBE Member

Happy Birthday Greg!!!
Good Times from me and The Gang. :D
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TRIBE Member
greg, you're a king among kings, a freakin rad chef, and an all-around honest, nice and supremely genuine gentleman.

happy birthday babe, i'll be there to cut the floor up with ya on friday night!

also, you've got the tastiest buffalo balls i've ever put in my mouth. :p

yay for imported cheese!!


TRIBE Member
Happy Birthday Greg!


From that day on, my life has been better, tear ;)

We don't get to hang much these days, hopefully more once your done school. Come on down to Stratford on a day off for some delicious B-day wine and scotch!
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TRIBE Member
Le Grande Fromage...

Still remember a few years back, meeting you in the lineup for the 'BigDJ SmallClub' event @ Revival, and you're just as cool now as you were then...*possibly* even cooler!

Hope you've enjoyed your first quarter-century, and here's to a few more...see you on the skybar;)



TRIBE Member

Greggers, I MISS YOU

Happy Birthday to one of the best people I have ever met and the only other person I am allowed to call Boober.

All me Love Buddy,
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