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*happy birthday airbag*


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happy birthday junglist souljah!! partying with you has been wikkid. i'm glad we've gotten to know each other better. have a good one, and when you're up and ready, we'll go celebrate with the stuff that's been confiscated. ;) :D
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aw fawk. i just read the icq message, and it told me it's not for 2 more days. oh well, happy early birthday.
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Happy Birthday Alex!
I saw the ICQ message as well but I'll wish you a good one now AND on your birthday.



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ahahah thanks alot guys :)

kul kat - youre on! a session coming up soon.. very soon :)
jib - what.. you are the tribe police now? :p

But yeah.. my bday is on monday, so i'm not going to look at this thread till then. Have fun :)
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We used to see each other every day. Now I don't see you at all! Unless it's for $35 at some huge thing.

So I miss you.
But happy birthday.
You've been an INCREDIBLE friend to me and also a fucking asshole. I love it all.

Remember the first time we met at the Tribe party? Haha. I was smitten. Then I discovered how much you love yourself (re: mirror pics). So I thought, "eh, no room for me!" :D

I love ya, dood. You gave new meaning to a beautiful rainy day. ;)


Can't wait for a summer of drinkin' on the patio and smokin' in the parks of Richmond Hill.


Temper Tantrum

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Happy birthday my sketchy Russian raver :D

I miss you a bunch. It has been crazy times over the last year.

Be good, but not too good, and I'll see you soon!

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happy birthday my junglist brotha!

I hope we can party more this summer, your love for the "boom, chic, boom chick, boom, chic"(not bang chiclet) is really refreshing in the age of anti-nu jungle.

let us know what the plans are for celebrations! I hope I can come out and try some of this burning sand business.


happy birthday Alex!



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happy birthday alex~! i know yer stalking me...but i'll forgive you since it's your birthday. i'm sure i'll see you around (cos you know..the whole stalking bit).

have a wonderful day!

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(still not reading thread till monday)

Hey.. if anyone wants to wish me a happy bday in person you can catch me at milano this sunday and/or at tonic this wednesday.

celebrating with jungle/breaks!!! :D

much luv 4 all :)


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