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~ Happy Birthday AdRiaN! ~


TRIBE Member
happy birthday to my favourite "representative of her majesty the queen!" (no, i will never stop laughing about that) :p

i hope that you had an awesome time with all of the festivities this weekend and that work is not too rough tomorrow!

thanks for being such a fantastic friend, and here's to many more good times in the coming year!



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Happy Birthday Adrian! Hope the weekend's celebrations were fun filled - can't wait to see the pics when I get there.

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oh adrian of pure awesomeness thanks again for such fun and the happiest of birthdays.

see you at 9 am! groan.
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Happy birthday to the nicest Guv-loving, dancing machine! :p
Glad that I was able to celebrate with ya for some of the weekend's insanity.
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Adrian, hope you had yourself a great Bday weekend...no matter what your other friends say about you, I think you're cool, man...lol

p.s. torontooooooooooo
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