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Happy Birthday AdRiaN!!!


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enjoy this last year before you'll have to relocate to prehistoric world. :p

i hope only one weekend of celebrations (instead of 3) is enough for you this year!

Booty Bits

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you know adrian, you're probably the triber i run into the most frequently :)
i hope you have an awesome birthday!
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Happy Birthday to a guy I've had more infamous adventures with than anyone else.

It's all about the Jack Layton hand gestures! ;)

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pure urinecore!

Here's to London, and EBF, and Nightmares and all the good stuff from there until whenever. Happy Birthday.

Wasn't right around your birthday that DIY had its first meeting?


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Haha ... awesome posts, thanks everyone! :D

I had a spectacular three-day weekend that covered the spectrum from savage to civilized. I still have a surplus of champagne in my fridge, but those in attendance on Saturday put in a good effort.

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