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Happy Birfday Lime Rickey!


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er Orange Richie, strawberry shortcake, or whatever the hell you call yourself now!

thats right folks. the terminator himself is at the quarter mile mark. So only a few more decades left before we're rid of him for good! ;) In celebration we'll be at system sausagebar for Danny Howells! So come out and buy a drink for the biggest wiener of them all: RICH! YAAAAY!

and here's a pic of the b-day boy and some other goon.. (Rich is on the right)


since he's an Aries, I thought I'd post something that he could RAM...


Ms. March courtasy of the Brazilian model thread, and Rich's desktop. :D

all jokes aside, we've been through a lot of shit together. We've had our highs and our lows and if I had to do it all over again it's comforting to know that you'd be there right beside me. I forsee many a good times ahead of us!

Have a good one bro!

Peace & love. 'hallmark' D

Temper Tantrum

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You still owe me 40 bucks! :D

Happy birthday sweetie, big HUGS and the like coming your way. I hope you have a kick ass year. Your brilliant, fun, and a gorgeous redhead ;) so what couldn't come your way? Here's too another year of trouble makin' .

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Subsonic Chronic

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this is Johane on Pete's computer.


you are truly a very awesome guy, and I am so glad I met you that year ago, on the trip to the cottage.

I hope your birthday is a great one.

~ Johane


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Happy Birthday Rich! :D

Have fun this weekend... stop by Milanos on Thursday for a bday kiss and drink :)



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Happy Birthday Rich :)

Have a super fun weekend babe ;) DOn't worry you aren't that old yet :p
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Adam Duke

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You're not driving Friday night, you lush.


Happy birthday to a wicked friend who will most definitely see this and do very unmasculine things like hug me and cry on my shoulder for long periods when he is drunk tomorrow night.


cheers mang,

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Happy Birthday Richie!

You probably don't remember me, but we used to hang out at Industry every once in a while.

Have a great one!


orange richie

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Originally posted by DJAlchemy
has king wiener even seen this yet?

Lori, see ya tonight!


I have now after you told me about it. I found it on page 3 :D
Derek, thanks for making us sound like a couple :p

Allie: thanks babe and it's 30 bucks (unless you added intrest)!

Lorie: sorry I didn't come out but I had to work early this morning.

vinder: that favour wasn't worth 20! ;)

cristal: give me a description of you or post a pic., I don't forget a face...thanks!

cosmic: thanks sweetie...

Pete: thank you

tommy: booze and brazilians, sounds like a good name for a strip club, I say we go into business...:)

Lee: thanks bro!

Beaker, Mr. Furious, OTIS: cheers to the wishes!

Johane: thanks for the sweet words... (hug for you)

Cri: thank you

Well so far my B-day has been alright, I got over my pre-birthday depression and I'm ready to party. Now I'm stuck at work (figures) but I'll be at System for Howells so come say hi, I'll be partying it up good...

Can't believe I'm 25 :confused:

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...

orange richie

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Oooops, how could I forget a DUKE!

Don't worry @m, I'll try not getting you wet tonight, but I can't promise making any sense :D <--- looking forward to the mayhem... thanks for the lovely words :p

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...


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hey ya old fart

i think i'm gonna able to head to system tonight to assist in the birfday celebratons....

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!


p.s. my back is burnin again!
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