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Happy Belated Rentboyyyyeeeee!!!!!!!


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Happy belated you Ugly Mick!
Clocks, as of yesterday you are now 25 and probably wont be reading this becuase you're in the middle of cottage country with no intronet and the Paul Bunyon.

But Happy Birthday to the coolest guy I know :) We've been friends for a long time and I don't get to see you often enough but hopefully that will change once you're back down here.

Top O' Tha' Mornin'

Stew :D
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"Nice wheels chrome"

Happy birthday Rental. May the next year bring more laughs at your expense!


Chrome Wheels
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Happy Birthday Clocks / Rental / Half Pint Wonder / Scourge of the Curry Eaters!

You put up with a lot of abuse good naturedly, and there are always good laughs when you're around.

Happy Birthday again bro!

Booty Bits

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on the occasion of your birthday, i am gonna do some very animated head bobbing all day! i know that always makes you laugh.
you're good people and i love the times we hang out together.
(aaaah sweet memories of Om on the Sumkidz hill)

have a wicked year and i cant wait to see you when you come back to civilization...uh, i mean, Toronto.

big kiss,
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You had better get your silly arse to Toronto soon so we can do some celebrating, and toast to 25 more years of barfing out of cabs on Yonge St. (you're a classy man if there ever was one), hot german girls in their panties (shtop!), irish republican belligerance in Mcveighs, and getting threatened in clubs because of me.


A girl couldn't ask for a better friend.

Tá grá agam ort!
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Evil Dynovac

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I always feel a little sad for people who have birthdays this close to Christmas. Your present scoop must have been paltry indeed through the years. Too many 'combined prezzies' no doubt.

Have a good one!


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happy birthday chris. truly did not get to see you enough this year. get your ass down here or else i'll break you in four. and don't go turning sideways trying to disappear and all! ;)
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