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Happy B-day My Favorite Kitten!


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Well it's my kittens B-day! She's a whole 2 years old.. :D

Poogie Bear

Poogie stalking the fish!

Clean me!

OK, Off to visit my cute kitten!

Happy B-day Poogie Bear!

pr0nstar :D
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Holy shit. Today, Joey's got cats, Toronto, wrestlemania, his birthday and presumably lots of drinking.

Has his head exploded yet?


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Two years old? Not a kitten anymore!!!

(my cat is 2 years old... she did her first "real shed" this week! (we brushed a LOT of hair off!)

Kitty kitty so so cute. Dogs suck! :) :) (too much work)


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Is this really a thread about your cat's birthday?

I mean, I really like spending time with my dog Chewbacca but you're never gonna see a thread about it, let alone a birthday thread...he doesn't know when the fuck his birthday is nor does he even have the capacity to care.

Whatever, I'm sure Poogie Bear's birthday celebration is gonna be off the hook. I can't wait to read all about it in the 'party review' forum later! :D
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