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Hani J - Minks [Tech-House]


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Hello Everyone:

I wanted to share my recording for the Speedball show on Proton this month.

Please click on the link below to download.

http://avenger.homeunix.org:81/~dubmunky/Hani J - minks.mp3


01. Ndru - A Pony Named Clickpop [Liebe Detail]
02. Jona - Learning From Making Mistakes [Get Physical]
03. Goldfish Und Der Dulz - Privacy Pt.2 (Patrick Chardronnet mix) [Kickboxer]
04. Oliver Koleztki - Da Bleibt Et Ganz Cool [KlingKlong]
05. Pig & Dan - Micro Kitchen [Cocoon]
06. Chelonis R. Jones - Deer in the Headlights (Radioslave mix) [Get Physical]
07. Bodzin & Huntemann - Black Ice [Gigolo]
08. Matthias Meyer - Reichenbach [Liebe Detail]
09. Tigerskin - Neontrance [Dirtcrew]



lou kang

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nice one

My fav. mix of yours yet. Starts off kinda spacey and synthy then gets more pump't as progresses.....

The song that comes in roun' 23 mins is a kickeR


Thanks budz
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