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hani j - 270206 - 50 minutes [techhouse]


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Hani again :D

Here's a 50 minute mix recorded a while back..

Just click on the following link and hopefully it will be on your hard drive/CD soon


01. CDJJ - Playmate [Audiomatique]
02. Pan-Pot - Black Currant [Mobilee]
03. Yapacc - XPharmonica (alex smoke rmix) [Neuton]
04. Argy - Night Ritual [Pokerflat]
05. Glimpse - Glimpse 03 [Glimpse]
06. Logic Sisters - Wie Auch Immer [Ringel Beatz]
07. Swoop - Black Market [Crafft]
08. Error Error - Is it Love ? [Italic]
09. Franz & Shape - Countach [Relish]


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A lot of people in Toronto are playing that Pan-Pot record on mobilee. Did you know that there is even better Pan-Pot and similair stuff on Einmaleins Musik? German label, don't know if it's stocked in Toronto yet but it's deadly.


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I own the mobilee record because of its flip - the stefanik track is one of my favourites this year, perhaps i will place it in a future mix :D
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great mix... tripped-out and moody stuff makes for great procastination music! thanks for helping me avoid work for yet another hour or so!