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Hands Up, Don't Shoot - Hong Kong Edition

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by tobywan, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

  2. Bernnie Federko

    Bernnie Federko TRIBE Member

    It's like those times as Nathan Phillips when the ppl raved in support of the Rave Scene.
  3. wickedken

    wickedken TRIBE Member

    Hong Kong rave? Guess Xinhua is too old now to know about it. The top three "most popular items" on Xinhua are:

    1 Xi backs Confucius Institutes' development on anniversary
    2 People enjoy colour run activity in E China
    3 Couple celebrate wedding by riding bicycles in China's Changsha
  4. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

  5. Bernnie Federko

    Bernnie Federko TRIBE Member

    At 9:25 a.m. Tokyo time, orders for shares in 42 companies totaling 67.78 trillion yen ($617 billion) were cancelled, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from the Japan Securities Dealers Association. JSDA received an error report from a member and is still confirming details of the matter
  6. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    A fat finger trade.
  7. Primavera

    Primavera TRIBE Member

    Been watching some pretty interesting discourse from a few HK friends on their Facebook during this round of protests.

    Half the camp is horrified at the heavy-handid tactics of the police and believe the protest is utterly justified and want the protests to go on and believe that eventually China will conede to some demands to keep HK running economically,

    the other half on a base level agree with the motivations behind the protest but say it's utterly fucking pointless and China will never back down or buckle or give HK more autonomy any proper kind of democracy, so........why bother, it's just hurting HK, etc.
  8. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member


    RIOT police are just dicks.
  9. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    An interesting Reuters article on how "someone" is using iOS and Android viruses to download/monitor text message, picture, and contact lists of the protesters.

    Advanced iOS virus targeting Hong Kong protestors -security firm
    BOSTON, Sept 30 Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:52pm EDT

    (Reuters) - Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a computer virus that spies on Apple Inc's iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPad, and they believe it is targeting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

    The malicious software, known as Xsser, is capable of stealing text messages, photos, call logs, passwords and other data from Apple mobile devices, researchers with Lacoon Mobile Security said on Tuesday.

    They uncovered the spyware while investigating similar malware for Google Inc's Android operating system last week that also targeted Hong Kong protesters. Anonymous attackers spread the Android spyware via WhatsApp, sending malicious links to download the program, according to Lacoon.

    It is unclear how iOS devices get infected with Xsser, which is not disguised as an app.

    Lacoon Chief Executive Michael Shaulov told Reuters that Xsser is the most sophisticated malware used to date in any known cyberattack on iOS users.

    "This is one the most interesting developments we have seen," he said. "It's the first real indication that really sophisticated guys are shifting from infecting PCs or laptops to going after iOS devices."

    The code used to control that server is written in Chinese. The high quality of the campaign and the fact it is being used to target protesters suggests that it is coming from a sophisticated attacker in China, Shaulov said.

    "It is the first time in history that you actually see an operationalized iOS Trojan that is attributed to some kind of Chinese entity," he said.

    A Trojan is a term used by cyber researchers to describe malware that enters a device disguised as something harmless.

    Still, he said that his company's research team has yet to identify any specific victims of the iOS Trojan.

    Lacoon said on its blog that it is possible the attackers might have deployed the Trojan in other places, in addition to spying on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

    "It can cross borders easily, and is possibly being operated by a Chinese-speaking entity to spy on individuals, foreign companies, or even entire governments," they said in a blog post describing their analysis. (Reporting by Jim Finkle; Editing by Richard Valdmanis)

    Advanced iOS virus targeting Hong Kong protestors -security firm | Reuters
  10. wickedken

    wickedken TRIBE Member

    oh reuters keep on your high quality reporting!
  11. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    The protesters are communicating with each other using a Bluetooth mesh network, by I wonder how long it will be before governments figure out a way to jam Bluetooth on the ground....
  12. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member


    its called a Dappening Field, and Star Trek patented it hundreds of years in the future from now.

    they will send people back in time to ensure if this happens, another series of movies will be created based upon this timeline adjustment.
  13. Rocky

    Rocky TRIBE Member

    And cowards. What a man - behind a barrier in a horde of masked and armed men, pepper spraying an old lady. What a poor, sorry excuse of a human being. At least the dude beside him has the decency to try to stop him.
  14. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    That gif is very upsetting.

    I doubt China will budge. But I'm not giving up hope.
  15. Bernnie Federko

    Bernnie Federko TRIBE Member

    Hong Kong legislators postpone debate on China extradition bill as protests turn violent

    Violence broke out in Hong KongWednesday, as police used tear gas, water cannons and baton rushes to push back a large swell of protesters that had pressed toward the entrance of the city’s Legislative Council amid an angry protest over a proposed extradition bill.

    The dramatic scenes in Hong Kong began after 3 p.m., when crowds who had spent the day peacefully gathering in the sweltering heat began to chant “withdraw,” demanding the government back down on the bill, which would ease the ability of Chinese authorities to legally seize people accused of serious crimes from the city. The sound of the chanting echoed through the downtown corridors of one of the world’s financial centres.

    Within half an hour, clashes had broken out between crowds, who pushed metal barricades and threw water bottles, and police, who responded with tear gas, pepper spray and beanbag bullets.

    Just before 11 a.m., members of the city’s Legislative Council said a scheduled debate on the bill had been unexpectedly postponed, as the city’s political leaders pleaded for peace with a crowd of tens of thousands who took over downtown streets.
  16. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    they know the world is watching.
  17. Bernnie Federko

    Bernnie Federko TRIBE Member

    Breaking overnight ... The power of democracy: Hong Kong indefinitely delayed a proposal to allow extraditions to mainland China.

    • Why it matters: It was a "dramatic retreat after anger over the bill triggered the city’s biggest and most violent street protests in decades."(Reuters)
    • What's next: Activists want more, and vowed to protest en masse tomorrow.(AP)

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