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Hammock Audio Bulletin 00C: Koala Vacation Memoir (Vinyl Mix)


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In this hammock memoir Koala Roberto describes the harsh conditions of his early childhood travel through the outback, his adolescent battle of eucalyptus abuse and his path to becoming a Hawaiian shirt model.

Page Index/Tracklist:
J-Spool - J-Stro
Snooze - ?
Funki Porchini - Trip to Nowhere
Siro - Serious Bass
Express Rising - Answering Echo so Near
Various ‎– Udacha 6
A Saggitariun - Crystallization
Sygyzy - I am Sky
PPM - Object
Shocks - Epilogue
Charles Cohen - Sunrise Women/Man
Black Bananas - Rad Time
Ulrich Troyler - ?
Pepe Bradock - Confabulations
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