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Hamas and the Missing Video: Editorial Delusions at the Globe and Mail


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Huh! Look at that... The Globe and Mail... deceiving the public... who would have thought? Crafty Fuckers!

Editorial Delusions at the Globe and Mail
Hamas and the Missing Video

Canada's national paper The Globe & Mail was caught last week with its hand in the unethical journalism jar. On February 15, 2006 the Globe and Mail published an editorial titled "See Hamas for What It Is" in which it argued that those who take the view that Hamas will moderate its position in regards to Israel now that it is an elected government should "take a look at a video presented on the Hamas website this week". After a graphic depiction of the video, the editorial concluded "the fact that Hamas is airing it (the video) now shows it has not changed its depraved views or methods just because of winning an election."

A lengthy search for the Hamas link mentioned in the editorial, and a series of email exchanges with the writer of the editorial Mr. Marcus Gee revealed that the editor never saw the video on the Hamas website as he claimed in his editorial, but rather he relied solely on a report he received via email from an Israeli extremist site that goes by the name of Palestinian Media Watch.

There are three offenses the Globe & Mail are guilty of; The first is that the Globe told its readers that the videos which the editorial was based on were presented after the election on 'the Hamas website'--a claim that the Globe was not able to provide proof of. Thus The Globe & Mail has lied to its readers about the credibility of the basis of its argument.

The second issue is that the Globe & Mail's editorial relied on Palestinian Media Watch - a well-known right-wing propaganda site run by Itamar Marcus, an Israeli settler notorious for his jaundiced views of the Palestinians. In fact, much of the wording (the translation) printed in the editorial came directly from the PMW website. Thus, yhe Globe has relied entirely on a scurrilous anti-Palestinian screed without referencing that source; I believe the correct word for this is plagiarism.

The third issue is that the editorial surfaced at a time when the Canadian government was deliberating on a decision regarding the new Palestinian government. Having not substantiated its argument, one is lead to believe that the Globe & Mail have attempted to influence the Canadian government's decision by unethical means through the use of unreliable sources.

In one of his emails to this writer, Mr. Gee confessed to not having "any independent proof that the videos were shown after the election", adding that he had no reason to question the PMW report he relied on.

Mr. Gee failed Journalism 101-- he failed to check the source upon which he based his editorial. Maybe he deemed the source credible only because it falls within his simplistic view of the world. In this case, the information the Globe and Mail relied on without questioning came from an extremist website. This is indeed appalling.

This incident reflects a dangerous trend in the media. Journalists like Mr. Gee who in their zeal to push their own right wing agenda eagerly rely on suspect and biased sources. Such journalists have stoked the fires of war and conflict in the Middle-East and they should be held responsible for the brutal consequences of their sloppy brand of journalism.

No one benefits from prolonging the agony of Israelis and Palestinians, no one but those extremists on both sides who want it all. Are we to understand that the Globe & Mail has become a mouthpiece for such extremists? Right now, there stands an opportunity for moderates, a new beginning with new promises of hope. The Globe & Mail's irresponsible and uninformed editorial makes the job of the Palestinian and Israeli moderates ever more difficult to achieve.

Samah Sabawi is a writer and activist who lives in Ottawa. Sabawi can be reched at: samahsabawi@hotmail.com

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~atp~ said:
That's a somewhat inappropriate generalization, don't you think?

No. These days, most journalists go to journalism school - j-school if you will. As far as intellectual rankings at universities go, journalism is only slightly ahead of the lowest faculty, education.
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Big Harv

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Colm said:
Journalists are morons anyway & the Globe is an awful publication. Are we surprised?

I would hardly call the Globe awful (except for the sports section) - I find most of their editorials balanced and well thought out. The report on Business section is outstanding.

If these allegations against Mr. Gee are true, I would like to see him respond.

Nowhere in the aticle posted in the beginning of the thread is there an indication that the inciteful Hamas video was not posted after their victorious election or that the Hamas video was a fabrication. Basically, the article rightly criticizes Gee's journalistic process but does not refute the substance of his editorial.

Vincent Vega

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Big Harv said:
I would hardly call the Globe awful (except for the sports section) - I find most of their editorials balanced and well thought out.

They used to be. Until piece of crap Marcus Gee became the editorial page editor and a general embarrassment to the newspaper. This doesn't surprise me at all and I'm so glad he gets to finally wear it for a bit.

I can't stand him.

judge wopner

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big fan of the globe,
though this doesnt surprise me. though i think the globe is the least likely of the 3 major papers (post/star) to be under the heat lamp for this kind of thing.

i find them generally objective. but yeah this is a big screw up, and a lazy reporter no less.

for shame!!!


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"Half a month after its electoral victory, the Hamas website presented the parting video messages of two Hamas suicide terrorists. One message was for Jews, whose blood Hamas promises to drink until Jews "leave the Muslim countries," and the second to a mother, as she helps dress her son for battle prior to his suicide terror mission".

"A video placed on the Hamas website after its victory in the January 25, 2006 Palestinian Authority parliamentary elections makes clear that Hamas still considers itself as a violent group aiming at nothing less than Israel's destruction.

The video promises that the "homeland is returning through blood" at the same time an image of the Israeli coastal city of Haifa is displayed"