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Halloween Idea and Links

The Watcher

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Just in case people are looking for Halloween costumes and stuff.

There's a HUGE warehouse store that sells and rents all sorts of costumes in Etobicoke. Since it took so long to find the info for it, I figure I might as well post it for everyone.

Amazing Party Store
923 Oxford Street,
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5T3
Tel. : 416-259-5959

Any other good places to find costumes,... to buy or rent?


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There's Malibar at Queen and McCaul... It's an excellent store for costumes and makeup but its pretty pricey!

On the flip side, Value Village had some neat used costumes.


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Laughin Stock on Yonge, north of college a few blocks, has some good wigs and things and the prices are cheap


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yeah cool , been looking for a place with lots of variety , since I cant find the costume i want . (the dark pheonix frm xmen)


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Originally posted by JESuX
ps- my costume this year is so fucking awesome and offensive, i cannot wait to have people pour drinks on me.
I am sooo jealous... I have 3 parties and not a single good costume idea. :(

This happens every year - Ugh.

Hopefully inspiration will hit before the 29th!