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Halloween 2008


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jungalissa said:
Nice SUNKIST, glad you were able to wear your costume :)
me too!
i am a bit disappointed i couldnt make it downtown (i only just finished work now) but atleast my costume got to make an appearance, so that makes me happy :)
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I yelled at some girl because she asked if I was french when I told her my name. For some reason she loved it and called her friends over.


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My friend jeff's pumpkin.

Two headed monster. Brilliant.







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Oh hun. It was crazy on Church. I had another group of friends we were all supposed to meet up with as well. Completely impossible. I think a house party may be something I will be planning for next year. All this hoopla!

I think the best part is when we all met back at my friend's place. We all arrived within 20 minutes, tired and annoyed at the crowds, the drunkards, the craziness, the lack of transport etc.., We turned up the tunes and danced in his living room before hitting the hay. That was fun :)
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Hawk Eye

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nice. A house party! i love your house. My roommate suggested that she wants to throw a halloween party next year also haha. I can't wait to see your photos :)


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I think I might dress it up Halloween proper. Haven't done it in years, but I think my place would be perfect for it. So many hidden spots to scare kids and adults with : )