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Halloween 2007


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MoFo said:
People people people.. Value Village is the place to go.

I put on my wig last night and I scared myself because it looks kinda real.
i cleaned up there last weekend!

found some crucial costume parts there, for both myself and rob.

they also have crazily cheap wigs and new stuff, but they're getting cleaned out as they get closer to d-day.


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Because I read this post I went there after work today and got everything I need, except for 1 piece, but I just walked up to the Theatrics Plus and got that piece nad now I'm set - 2 full costumes!!
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Will it rub off on clothing and smear others with greasy white paint? Do you knwo what will happen if I jsut use standard face paint?

Boss Hog

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yeah, it won't dry and will rub off on stuff.

Standard face paint might work if it holds to the texture of the latex (not sure it will... can you test it with something maybe?) but if it does work you'll need to a few layers to make it look opaque.


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Thanks BH. I am going to grab some at lunch and test it out on the mask. Not looking for it to compeltely cover the original colour but want to switch it closer to a shade of white.


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I finally thought of a costume I like but I won't have time to put it together: Rachael from Blade Runner. I'd need big bangs and just the right dress thing.
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Where is the best place to buy cheap, but good candy?

I dislike getting hosed at the stores.

I like to give out a good haul to the kiddies


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Fri Oct 26, 12:34 PM

By The Canadian Press


WALLACEBURG, Ont. - A southern Ontario homeowner may want to rethink Halloween decorations for next year.

Emergency crews responded to a call about a van tipped on its side in Wallaceburg, Ont., early Friday morning.

But it turned out the van was just part of a haunted house display on the lawn.

There's no word on if the van will be removed.


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Anyone know where one might procure a championship wrestling belt... aside from winning the championship?
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