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Halifax Strip Searches from January


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Taken from www.ravehalifax.com

STAND UP OR BEND OVER !!! [Friday, Dec 29th, 2000 @ 11:04pm]
added by: Hugo Underground (via Email)


On a cold winters night, January 29,2000 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, preparations were being made, and excitement was in the air for the rave: Repercusssionz. Approximately 15 minutes before the show, joint police forces of the Halifax City Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,were about to execute a search warrant at the party location, 2248 Maitland Street, the Underground Dance Club.The police forces had been given imformation by two individuals, that the RAVE organizers had hidden substantial amounts of the drugs Ecstacy and GHB, in the building. The warrant was to search the premises only, not the people in them. The controled chaos began, with a senior R.C.M.P. officer, dressed in a leather trench coat, had given chase to someone who smelled of marijuana. The police forces raid had successfully stormed
the building without any formality.

Subsequently in disbelief, 34 individuals ranging from volunteers, parents, locations staff,production crews, and a security firm, were ordered into the middle of a room. It was announced that all individuals would be searched, and told they had a search warrant, no rights were read, and randomly one at a time,escorted to the public washrooms.All individuals were told to drop their clothing, and underwear and bend over.Women were given the same treatment, but ordered to take off their bras, and also required to lift their
breasts. (All individuals followed police instructions, no charges were ever laid, or ever reported, nor anything found in the search of the building.) Because of the police tactics in executing the search warrant, the exact amounts, and the huge quantities of drugs that were stated.The Canadian Civil Liberties Association had filed a complaint to the Nova Scotia Police Commission, on February 28,2000 under: section 23 (1) of the Police Act. That the police: failed to meet public expectations under 6(1) of the Regulations. A number of individuals also filed complaints, saying that the police, did not have reasonable grounds to search them at all, and even if they did, the strip searches were unnnecssary,degrading and abusive.

Police may search people "found in" in a place being searched. Section 11 (5) of the controlled Drugs & Substances Act, that requires a peace officer to have reasonable grounds and to believe a person has a controlled substance on their person before searching them. Avoiding public scrutiny, the Police Commission referred the matter to the police department itself for investigation. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were omitted, and in the shadows of accountability, and as predictable as the powers that be, the police department dismissed the complaint.


Mr.Walter Thompson of The Canadian Civil Liberties Association wrote in the original complaint, The police in our view, flagrantly broke the law and invaded the civil liberties of those they searched at the RAVE. Two of the individuals strip searched, with the support of the Civil
Liberties Association, have appealed to the Police Commission itself from the decision of the police department. The appeals were filed at the end of July, 2000 but nothing further has been heard, the MAN, is dragging their feet. This case is on going, your support and opinions are
urgently needed, for a more democratic process, and a demand for a statement of accountability, and the abuse of police power.The upcoming decision by the Nova Scotia Police Commission, has a long term global negative effect on all music,culture, and society. The very fabric
of our individual civil liberties is being ripped....(off our sorry asses!!!) Protect your rights, so stand up,or bend over or even better fill out the: Assume The Position Poll


Reasonable Grounds Summary for Personal Searches (as stated in police department decision) :

-The police had received information Rave organizers were trafficking in Ecstasy and GHB.

-The police smelled marijuana.



1. After reading the above information, do you feel that the police were justified to execute body searches to all individuals present at the Rave event:
YES___ NO___

2.Do you feel that the R.C.M.P. are also responsible, and accountable for body searches, upon execution of the warrant and facts above:
YES___ NO___

3. Do you feel that a pat down, or a visual inspection of people in there underwear, would have served as well:
YES___ NO___

4. Based on the above, do you think that these body searches were an abuse of police power, even if legitimate by law:
YES___ NO___

5. Do you condemn the actions of the police forces.
YES___ NO___

6. Do you approve the actions of the police forces.
YES___ NO___


E-mail your responses to hugounderground@hotmail.com, that will be forward to: The Canadian Civil Liberties Association of Nova Scotia .The findings will also be forwarded to the Police Commission Hearings, for evaluation and tabulated as: public expectations, acountability,
and protest for our civil liberties.Your opinion will matter.

Please cut and paste your opinion and foward...too:

Thank you,
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