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Halifax>international radio show archives

Andrew Duke

TRIBE Member
As time permits I'm uploading archives from the syndicated radio and net show I did from 1997-2002: Andrew Duke's In The Mix. So far there's
an exclusive detailed tech house/techno live PA from Stewart Walker
(Tresor/Mille Plateaux/Force Inc/Tektite/Persona), an interview and feature
with/on Detroit's electro/techno bass freaks Aux 88 (Digital Beat), and a sweet house/tech house/techno guest DJ mix from Minto George (Down Low
Music/Dallas) that has two tracks in it that have yet to be released
all these years later. So tech house, house, techno, electro, techno
bass, idm, all kinds of stuff. And plenty more to come,
including lots of Canadian content.
Access in the "listen" section on http://cognitionaudioworks.com
Available as 192 kbps mp3 for streamin' or downloadin'.