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haha...RUSSELL CROWE's band on Leno tonight


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Thats right folks...when hes not throwing telephones at motel employees, or sucking at acting, hes in a band.
this should be good.
oh...the name of the band...the Original Fear of God.
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havent seen those movies ^^.. didn't think i liked him
but I recently saw cindarella man and it was actually pretty good...


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rentboy said:
he deserves props for his turns in Romper Stomper and The Insider.

He is an A-Class douche tho.

He is fantastic in The Insider. I would say hes a great actor.

LA Confidential is a great movie too.


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rentboy said:
heh, i still haven't seen that.
are you fucking kidding me?

la confidential is all kinds of amazing. reinvigorated noir for the new century, if ya ask me.

the insider is aces as well.
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