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Had to laugh at this one :FBI agent arrested in HK airport..


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Police: FBI agent arrested at Hong Kong airport
Tuesday, February 17, 2004 Posted: 1329 GMT ( 9:29 PM HKT)

HONG KONG (AP) -- An FBI agent was arrested with 15 rounds of ammunition in his carry-on luggage as he tried to change planes at the Hong Kong airport, officials said Tuesday.

The agent, traveling from New York to Bangkok, was arrested on February 8 when security guards discovered the bullets and detained him, a police official told The Associated Press.

It is illegal in Hong Kong to carry ammunition without a license, but it was unclear whether the agent would be charged.

The police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the FBI agent had apparently forgotten that the rounds were in his luggage -- though he added that it would be worrisome if he had passed through U.S. security with the bullets.

In addition to the official, a dispatcher at the airport police station, who identified herself only by the surname Leung, confirmed the arrest but declined to provide details.

Police spokesman Kaman Chong would only say that a 39-year-old man was arrested at the airport after officials found a pistol magazine and .45-caliber bullets in his hand luggage.

Chong said the man had no gun. He was freed on bail and ordered to report back to the Hong Kong police on Wednesday.

It was not known whether the agent was traveling on business or for personal reasons.

U.S. Consulate General spokeswoman Susan N. Stevenson declined comment and said it had no file on the incident.


"though he added that it would be worrisome if he had passed through U.S. security with the bullets"

so much for the upgrade on security.
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Ditto Much

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honest mistake?

I realized once while I was pulled over that I actually did have drugs in my car. I was entering into Niagara Falls with a friend of mine to go to New York.

I had a huge bud of pot sitting in my tackle box (don't ask) that I had left in the car at the last minute in case we saw a good spot to fish along the way.

As the guard’s hand hit the tackle box my heart must have hit the highest it’s ever been. Already in plenty of trouble because of past border experiences I was pretty sure that this would land me in an American prison for good.

He ignored it and opened up the camera bag right behind it instead.


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you are one fortunate dude.

drogas aren't looked on too kindly at the border but perhaps this war on terrorism has it's positive side. maybe he was thinking...hmmm..maybe this camera bag holds the components to a nuke.:D