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H&M opens its first stores in Canada?


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Not sure if this has been posted yet, thought certain Tribers would be interested

H&M opens its first stores in Canada

- Five stores to open in 2004 -

H&M, (Hennes & Mauritz), the Swedish-based,
international clothing retailer, is opening five stores in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area this year. The first two stores will open at Fairview Mall on March 11, 2004 and The Promenade on March 18, 2004. The additional three stores will open this fall in Markville Shopping Centre, Vaughan Mills, and a flagship location in the Toronto Eaton Centre on the southwest corner of Yonge and Dundas Streets.

Occupying over 12,000 square feet of fashion on one floor, the first store in Fairview Mall will feature the H&M lines for women, men and teens.

The Promenade store will follow with over 14,000 square feet of fashion on one floor including H&M lines for women, teens, and children.

"We're thrilled to be introducing the H&M brand to Canada," says Lucy vander Wal, country manager, H&M. "We know that Canadians want good affordable fashion. That's why H&M offers a simple solution - fashion and quality at thebest price. And we keep our selection fresh by delivering new garments to the
stores every day. You'll find our stores inviting and exciting and the perfect environment to create your own personal style."

H&M, the Swedish-based clothing retailer, was founded in 1947. The company now has more than 950 stores in 18 countries in Europe and the United States. Canada will be the 19th market. The revenue in 2002 was 53.3 billion SEK ($9.37 billion CDN(*)).

H&M has a team of 100 designers, who together with the company's more than 100 buyers create H&M collections for women, men, children and teens. The company sells its own designs exclusively in H&M stores. H&M sells more than
half a billion garments a year (2002) and new garments are supplied to the stores every day.

H&M is known for the business concept "fashion and quality at the best price" as well as for its print advertising. The campaigns are shot by high profile photographers and feature some the fashion industry's top models.

For more information, please visit H&M's Web site at www.hm.com.
I kinda liked it when nobody had clothes from H & M here in Canada. Then I could go to NYC and buy tons of cheap gear there, bring it back and look like I spent much more than I did. Now everyone is gonna be rocking the same ish.

oh well, most of their clothes are too small for anyone over 6feet anyway. but they gots mad cheap accessories (belts, hats, etc.).

<---- 6'3"+
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i really wish this wasn't true.

just one more chain store that sells decent-looking clothes that will deter people from buying at independent boutiques.


Are we suppose to pitty the independent boutiques... ? Although I'm sure that the people who currently shop at smaller places, will continue to do so...

H&M is fabulously affordable. It's a trend store. Like a better quality Le Chateau.

I have dress shirts that can be thrown in the wash and still look stellar. Love them, love them, love them.

And as far as I know, their factories are a-okay as well.
JAR, I found that H & M offers jeans with a 36" inside leg which fits people who are taller. However, this is in England so it may be different here.

<-------- 6'6"

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You have a point leigh, if you can purchase OK looking clothing inexpensively at a chain you might be deterred from shopping at smaller places. But for me anyway, while I do shop at H&M, there's no comparison between their stuff and the stuff from smaller stores. And I'm always pleased when someone compliments something I'm wearing and asks where I got it, and I get to say it's from a small label in Canada. H&M allows me to afford more clothing than I could otherwise, especially trendy stuff that I may not want to wear for very long, but it's definitely not a replacement for stuff from smaller stores. I'm just one person, but I would imagine that many people feel similarly.
Re: ...

Originally posted by CiG

Are we suppose to pitty the independent boutiques... ? Although I'm sure that the people who currently shop at smaller places, will continue to do so...

actually thats not true. more and more people are starting to shop at bigger / chain stores. the options are now available to get nice-looking clothes at these places, so people are making the switch. i don't blame them - i'm a big fan of H&M myself.

i'm just saying, as an independent boutique owner, how can i compete when H&M (and other such stores) are selling things similar to what i sell at less than half the price? its just a shitty scenario, thats all....
I agree that it will take maybe some business away but not enough I think.

But we're talking in the electronic music realm here where most of us come from a background of counter-culture, rebellion and the underground.
I think we're all left-of-center in some way if we were a raver back then or suddenly into the "scene" in the last few years. We know what it's like to be independent and marginal.

But the mainstream mall shopper is going to see an Old Navy and decorate their closet with it.
Mall shoppers will always be mall shoppers. Look at Queen Street. Big stores have totally taken over. And not because of us haunters changing in tastes, but the mainstream public bleeding out from Yonge Street.

I think the independent shopper is going to stay that way at least in compromise. Mixing pieces is fun too.
as far as i know, H&M wont carry the same clothes as small independent boutiques. i understand it to be a store like ZARA, which takes whatevers "IN" in the fashion world and makes a cheap copy of it....

if u go to a small boutique, you are buying gucci, ferre, armani, versace, etc

if u go to H&M, you are buying clothes which have ripped off the above stated designers design (but are MUCH cheaper in price, and sometimes in quality)

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Originally posted by JAR
I kinda liked it when nobody had clothes from H & M here in Canada. Now everyone is gonna be rocking the same ish.


I grabbed a few tops from H&M while in London this past summer and was glad that no one really had even heard of H&M.

oh well. at least I have a new place to shop.

it was nice though, that you couldn't get it here.

a pure catch-22.

i was in the UK this month and i got a wicked ass hooded black jacket at H&M for 19.99 (pounds, not dollars)
i was so damn pleased with myself.
too bad its a spring/fall jacket so i cant show it off now.
Heh, I'm currently wearing an H&M top I got in Berlin...I always get compliments on it because it's a unique cut.

I agree with the catch-22 thing about cool/unique/hard to get vs. convenience. But I love going to other countries and shopping in places we don't have...it's part of all my vacations. :) I totally mix up my wardrobe...I'll wear Gap pants with Queen St. shoes and a top I mail-ordered from the UK or something. Big stores are great for their prices but I'll still stick to smaller stores/labels for more interesting things.

wicked wicked wicked

I am saving up all my money for that day well 100 dollars anyways
if i remember correctly i should be able to get 2 shirts a new wrist band and several trousers as well and still have enough for a pint with that much
hope they keep the pricing equivlivent across nations
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H+M is a cool shop.

I don't like the locations they picked, though. Do they not know that most of the city exists west of Yonge Street? Fairview Mall? Promenade? Markville Shopping Centre? Vaughan Mills? :rolleyes:

What about good malls like Yorkdale, Sherway Gardens, Square One?

Is Vaughan Mills that big plaza-type thing in Woodbridge around Highway 7 and Weston?
Originally posted by swilly

hope they keep the pricing equivlivent across nations
i think it's pretty cheap everywhere, but I find there is an H&M index, where you can tell how expensive a place generally is based on the price of stuff at H&M (convert back to the currency of wherever you're from and compare the prices there with the ones at home.)
their spring stuff just looks like b&w/navy polka dots and stripes ??

80's leisure cruise captain is the new cool?
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