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H&M has got music festivals all figured out


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“Music festivals these days are really about experimenting with fashion and dressing your personality. And they’re very heavily based on accessories, really accessorizing your look.”
-Emily Scarlett, H&M spokesperson

She pretty much nailed it. Many don't have anything to do with music at all. It's all about the dollars and marketing and accessorizing your look.

Shame about their racist native head dresses:

H&M pulls fashion headdresses from Canadian shelves after getting complaints - The Globe and Mail
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I don't know if I disapprove more on the matter of cultural insensitivity or that the people sporting them all look like kind've like jerks.

Or by labeling them as jerks, am I being insensitive to their dirty music festival culture?

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I kinda like those pics. I've yet to see a real person wear one so who knows how I'll feel seeing lots of them.