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H-Foundation Essential Mix


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anybody else give this a listen? i'm playing it right now, and i'm pretty happy with it. deep and tribal without getting too progressive.

here's a tracklist:
Essential Mix - H Foundation - 13/01/02

H-Foundation - 'Untitled' (Soma Records)
Gammat 3000 - 'Whispering (Swag Mix)' (Dessous)
H-Foundation - 'Ride The Bass' (Soma)
Groove Armada - 'My Friend (Swag's Version Dub)' (Jive Electro)
48 Hours - 'All I Need' (White)
H-Foundation - 'Passage Of Time Bonus Beats' (Soma)
Tony Hewitt, Chus & Ceballos - 'Untitled' (Night Shift Recordings)
Smitty, Dizzy, Davenport - 'Let It Move You' (Dulce Records)
Mariano Barardi - 'White' (Siesta)
Tony Hewitt - 'White Test' (Electric Soul)
Mosafarat - 'Black Powder' (Brother Brown Records)
Blakkat - 'Fight The Power' (Blakktrax)
Blakkat - 'Hazmat' (Siesta Records)
Johnny Fiasco & Dizzy - 'Denver Blue' (Double Down)
Rackie - 'Unknown' (West Bound)
Gammat 3000 - 'solitaire' (Dessous)
Thomas Di Matteo - 'Denim' (Missive)
Scopper & Bubba - 'I'm Satisfied' (Classic)
Tenth & Parker - 'Millennium Riddle Song' (Disorient)
Lawn Chair Generals - 'You Dirty' (Wax)
Pete Moss - 'RU Serious' (Worship)
Headstock - 'Lo Slung' (Odori)
Costigane - 'It's Necessary' (Sense)
Weekender - 'Spirit In Your Soul' (Toko)
Lounge - 'Unknown' (Om)