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H-Foundation at Turbo

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Suke, Oct 16, 2000.

  1. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    Crazy Hype. Not much else to say. I had a blast. Definately zoney.

    "Hipp-E makes Halo's bed" - good friend at Turbo 3:32am 14/10/00

    "The funky rythym's comin atcha' atcha'

    BOOM ... we comin' and we comin' bassline
    BOOM ... we comin' and we comin' bassline
    BOOM ... we comin' and we comin' bassline
    BOOM ... we comin' and we comin' bassline


    Danny Tenaglia dropped this at Industry Shutdown. I never thought I would hear Halo and Tenaglia drop the same track but it's all good because their taste is my taste and my taste is their taste.

    It was a good party.

  2. Gizmo

    Gizmo TRIBE Member

    'Dep Lounge 2' (Vocal Mix)
  3. Astroboy

    Astroboy TRIBE Member

    What a dope night at turbo!

    Hipp-E rippin it up using the cdj's and tables seamlessly...

    Halo comes on and rips it up even more, looking better than the last time I saw him in TO [​IMG]

    Astroboy out...
  4. me

    me TRIBE Member

    I had a lot of fun.
    All my friends were there.
    They had a lot of fun as well.
    Hipp-E and Halo played very good.
  5. come-unity

    come-unity TRIBE Member

    Hipp-E played the new Simon track, it is sooo sick !
    Simon is the guy who made the "I have a dream" "Free at last , Free at last!"
    Wikked night cant wait to hear them again.
  6. Nush

    Nush TRIBE Member

    Hipp-E & Halo were alright, personally I would have much rather listened to Myka all night but they were ok still. I can't believe I missed his 6 hour set last week, that makes me so mad!! [​IMG]
  7. Bean

    Bean TRIBE Member

    i had a great time, but got tired, so i left at the end of hippE's set.

    if hippE can get my trance-addicted boyfriend to dance up a storm, then his set must have been good. [​IMG]



    "share what you know, learn what you don't."
  8. evolve

    evolve TRIBE Member

    the h-foundation are some of the tightest and most innovative dj's/producers around. I hich I didnt miss them this time, it sounded like a wicked party

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