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Gym etiquette and general info.


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Dude, that's awesome. Soon you'll have a 10-pack like this.



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DOMS is killing mongo, wow, whole body is aching like nobody's business. Thoughts?

Steam room, meng. Dry sauna. Something along those lines.

A good 20 minutes in there while stretching a bit and you'll be fucking gravy. Drink lots of water to sweat out any toxins too.

Works for me, anyway.

edit: I like shane's answer better lol


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So I gave the ab wheel a shot on... Sunday!

First time I ever tried it. Looked nifty. Anywho, I found it excruciatingly hard for some reason. Nobody should ever have that much trouble breathing when doing an exercise. I tried to keep what I thought was good form. Watched a lot of other people do it so I don't think there's much to it.

Anywho, after the ab wheel exercise, my upper two abdonminal abs just started hurting. Dunno why. In the change room, I notice that one of the ab muscles has a fair-sized bump sticking out of it. so what was a 6 pack is now a 7 pack.

My massage therapist said to just take it easy because there's not much i can do about it. I'm thinking about heading to the hospital cause you should never have stuff like that sticking out of you lol But it's feeling better. Not nearly as painful as it once was a couple days ago.

Might book something for tomorrow.
inguinal hernia? but not if its closer to your sternum than groin,like you described. could be a burst in your abdominal fascia. or a severe spasm that will just relax over time.def get it checked. funny you mention the wheel. yesterday i saw a cracker jack certified "MASTER TRAINER" at goodlife demonstrating it (poorly) to a client. you MUST establish a slight kyphotic curve in the lower spine before you roll. otherwise its dangerous.
nobody cares-my shoulders are sore. too many miles in the pool this week.


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Went to the doctor's yesterday and he said that there's no way to determine whether I tore something, strained something or had a hernia of some sort. The pain almost completely went away after two days but the lump is still there. Hopefully it goes away.

On a side note, I hit my goal a little faster than anticipated. Did 225 on bench yesterday for 10 reps with ease. This is weird. Right when you start going for your 1RMs (I never usually do), everything just kicks into high gear in terms of strength and growth. Digging it.


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Opposite for me...I was attempting 1RMs way too often. Had to dial it down and I'm feeling the gains from it. I've got a 455x1 attempt coming in 6 weeks.


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dag mate. 4 and a half plates on squats??

I don't know if can even get that off the bar. Think my shoulders would scream rape or something.


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Body Jam, I cant believe I got roped into going last night.

The gym gods have threatened to kick me out of Valhalla if it ever happens again. Then again, 275 was reach for 6, was worried, strength way down due to the long break. Soon to be back at form.