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Gwar and Dukes Massacre!

poker face

TRIBE Member
What a night!

The six of us got all decked out in our white dress shirts and ties and headed to the Opera house for the blood bath.

Holy shit was this concert off the hook, every freak in Toronto was there in full effect. We got so covered in blood that my face is still stained today. I can't get the fake bllod out and it is hilarious.

Then after Gwar we proceeded to Element for the Dukes Massacre, where we were still wearing our attire in full effect.

Werd up to Eco R1, Cheeka, Sassy, Time and everyone else that got to witness the mayham.

Photos are coming soon when I get my camera working right!

Adam Duke

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I'm too cracked out to say anything right yet - but a full review will come soon.

I had an AMAZING time!



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Too bad for the Pope

The Pope getting sliced in half, entrails spilling out, blood spewing and then getting munched by that giant dinosaur was just about the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen.

Make Gwar not Love!
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Gwar in Guelph@ BooRadleys

so i just got back from that show and im fucking sore! my hands are stained red...my white t-shirt perfectly blood slpattered!
shit man it was amazing....best concert in a long time.

mike tyson rocked!


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didn't hit GWAR but went to element later.
it was a good time :) - not bad for tech/electro ;)
some good house upstairs too...


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AWESOME pics poker!! any more?

@m - you're looking evil in the 4th pic!
ha ha - look at craig's expression!

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..........you guys look damn good in your white shirts ;)

and pretty damn hilarious with blood running down your faces.

Adam Duke

TRIBE Member
hahaha...SWEET!!!!!! What a blast that was!


@m. <-- trouble!