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Guy J @ Toika


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A week late but oh well...

My 1st time seeing Guy J and I'm very glad I didn't miss it.

I wasn't expecting the tougher, chunky sounds he played at the start, it wasn't bad at all but just unexpected. Around 2:30 though it became all melodic, groovy, progressive tunes - which was *exactly* what I was hoping for. At one point I remember thinking "I wish I could bottle this somehow and mainline it". Loved the ending, it was indeed glorious lol. Really appreciated that the night went 1/2 hr later than announced.

The only downside to my night was that I usually like to be front & center but the very sweaty and exuberant guys up there kept me off to the side. Not a big deal and very refreshing to see a crowd so into the music & that a fair amount stayed til the end.

Guy J was quite nice too, he graciously spoke with the many fans that stayed til the end. Very humble guy.

In a nutshell, he just went on my "can't miss" list.
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