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Guns drawn in unsuccessful High School raid


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Just saw this shi* on 60 Minutes. The principal who organized it was a nutbar. He looked like a pedophile and sat for the interview in front of multiple monitors in his office displaying the view of 75 cameras around his top 10 school in Virginia. I couldn't tell if the room was blocked off but you know he was jerking off all day in there.

Weird thing is that even though he resigned after the raid where cops drew guns and had drug sniffing dogs checking bags (yielding nothing at all) there are parents and students supporting this guy. Saying "some of those kids needed to be scared" and "I'd rather have guns than drugs" One of the mothers reminded me of that weird dance coach/teacher in Donnie Darko..

Best part of course is that it was the "bus kids" who were the only ones in the school during the 7:15a raid and of course the vast majority are....you guessed it...black. I couldn't think of a more American tale...guns, drugs, crazy surveillance and pedophilia. In a place that claims to be free of all of this....I love irony.

Wasn't this a movie?