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Gunman kills 6, self at Seattle rave


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Party promotor slaying

Wow, I was reading this article thinking "how fucked up is that?", then I read the last paragraph...

Aaron Hoyle, 25, of Renton, said about five people in or around their 20s lived in the house and that some were promoters of warehouse parties.
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Karim said:
or promised guestlist only to find out you're not on it when you get there!!!

or when they call you for weeks on end begging you come to their party..and then when you say yes they are so happy!!! Only to call back a few days later to say that they couldn't get in as many ppl as they thought.. Happened to a good friend of mine. He then told her to call me, 'cause couldn't I get her in? He'd met me once!!! I had no plans to go out that night, so I was a little pissed....

But one of her best friends..was suddenly, amazingly able to get in.. Yeah, he wanted to bang her. He made it clear that night...

Sorry.. My rant. I love most of my promoter friends and they are awesome, but some can be soo annoying! They give a bad name to the rest..


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Gunman kills 6, self at Seattle rave
Mar. 26, 2006. 10:16 AM

SEATTLE (AP) — The private party following a "zombie rave" was winding down when a man walked out, returned to the house wearing bandoliers of shotgun shells and opened fire on the young crowd, police said.

Six people were killed and another was critically injured as he fired dozens of rounds, police said. Outside, he fatally shot himself when confronted by police.

Police said it appeared to be Seattle's worst mass killing since 1983's Wah Mee massacre, when 13 died in an attack at a gambling club.

"It's one of the largest crime scenes the city has ever had," Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said.

The victims — many with their faces painted and hair dyed for the zombie-themed rave — were in their late teens and early 20s, police said. None had been identified publicly. Police said they didn't know the motive and Kerlikowske said there had not been any fights or arguments at the party.

Officers found three dead in the living room, one at the front door and another on the porch steps. One victim died at a local hospital, where another was in extremely critical condition and the third was stable, the nursing supervisor said.

About 20 people had gathered at the two-storey rental house after a Friday night rave called Better Off Undead in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood. Some of the guests were "made up to look as if they were dead," Kerlikowske said.

The black-garbed shooter was described as being in his late 20s. Kerlikowske told reporters the man was "quiet and humble," had moved to the area five years ago and had little involvement with police. He did not elaborate except to say the man's record was nonviolent.

Police had a tentative identification, the chief said, but he didn't release it. He said the shooter had been invited to the party.

The man left the party around 7 a.m. Saturday, went to his black Dodge pickup truck and turned around, police said.

As the gunman walked the half block back to the house, he spray painted the word "NOW" in orange twice on the sidewalk and once on the steps of a neighbour's home, police said.

He forced his way back inside the house as he fired, police said. Unable to enter an upstairs bathroom where a young couple were hiding, he fired through the door. They were unharmed.

An officer in the neighbourhood heard the shots and arrived to find a wounded victim staggering out of the house, Kerlikowske said. The officer confronted the man with a shotgun but got no further than "Drop your . . ." before the man put the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger, the chief said.

The shooter also had a handgun, police said, but primarily used the 12-gauge pistol-grip shotgun. In his truck, police found an assault rife and multiple "banana clips" carrying 30 bullets each.

Police said they did not know if drugs or alcohol were a factor, though Kerlikowske said marijuana and alcohol were found in the house.

Neighbour Cesar Clemente, 25, said he called 911 when he heard the shots. He looked outside to see people fleeing, and two people huddling in the bushes. He called to them. A man made it to his front entryway, shot in the arm and the abdomen. The other collapsed in the bushes.

Clemente asked the man what happened. He said only "I've been peppered." When medics took him away, a few shotgun pellets were left on the floor.

Nancie Thorne told The Seattle Times that her 15-year-old daughter, Suzanne, was in the house.

"It's the worst phone call a mom can get," Thorne said, crying. ``She shouldn't have gone to the rave. I've never approved of those things. . . . I just hope to God she's alive. And if she is, she's grounded for life."

Later, a family spokeswoman would not answer questions about what happened to the girl, the Seattle Times reported. Hospital officials said the girl was not there.
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stargurl* said:
Nancie Thorne told The Seattle Times that her 15-year-old daughter, Suzanne, was in the house.

"It's the worst phone call a mom can get," Thorne said, crying. ``She shouldn't have gone to the rave. I've never approved of those things. . . . I just hope to God she's alive. And if she is, she's grounded for life."

Oh fuck off, you stupid cow.
Here we go again. If this had happened at a Dunkin Donuts, would she ban her daughter from eating donuts? People are so stupid in times of crisis.


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so how does a shooting at an after-rave party at a house become a shooting at a rave?

were there sketchy asians on the floor?


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I love how the title says it happened at a 'rave' when in fact it was at a private party after, at someone's house.
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since when do they have raves in rental 2 bedroom houses? This happened at a private party.. not a rave


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yeah, that incident is fucked up (sounds liek something out of a movie) but the media's treatment of it is as fucked up.
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"perhaps because some of the featured d.j.s were spinning "jungle type music," a subgenre that attracts a different crowd, she said. "


apparently jungle attracts multiple shotgun murders

Sal De Ban

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its a seattle problem not a jungle problem - and i should add that one of the victims was on slsk a little while ago asking other users for happy hardcore for his girl.
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