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Gummy Bear magnate Hans Riegel dies at 90


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Haribo boss Hans Riegel dies at 90

The boss of German gummi bear maker Haribo has died aged 90.

Hans Riegel, the son of the sweet maker's founder, died of heart failure in Bonn, the company said in a statement.

Mr Riegel was in charge of marketing and distribution for Haribo and invented its "kids and adults love it so" slogan.

Mr Riegel inherited the firm from his father in 1946 and built it up into a firm that now employs 6,000 people.

The company, which also makes sweets in the shape of cola bottles, jelly beans and milk bottles, has 20 factories across Europe and an annual turnover of about $2.5bn (£1.6bn).

Haribo is derived from the founder's name and the German city where it is based - HAns RIegel, BOnn.
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when I was a kid in grade 6 my school actually had to ban gummi bears... there was a little candy boutique nearby (this was Jesse Ketchum P.S., right next to Yorkville) that sold imported chocolates and candies by weight. They had gummi bears and when the kids discovered them, everyone was spending their pocket money buying the things by the pound. the ban was probably out of concern for our health but it didn't stop us from buy them on the way home lol. I'm sure the lady who ran the place couldn't believe her good luck. She ran out of gummis a few times that winter.

in a fit of nostalgia I bought one of those five pound gummi bears for my uncle as a gag christmas gift. thing was for real. I had a twinge of grade six me not wanting to let it go, but i did 'cuz the lulz were high.