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Anyone make the trip?

I was there with a few friends celebrating Vidman's 21st.

Fun times all around.

My brain is broken due to alcohol consumption, and not being able to sleep.

Will advise



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Hey Nub...i made the trip out dude...sorry i didn't get to meet you!

first off, what a fucking young crowd...seriously i seen sooooooooo many young kids drinking... NO ONE there asked for i.d. what SO ever... which brings me to this...

unfortunately i made the trip down to see a good friend play and support n' shit...but due to the fact that some little piece of shit tread, thought it would be humorous to start throwing tangerines at my friend, while he was playing , well thats where i draw the line.

yeah, giving the exception the little fuck did it more than once, and he proceeded to do it again , and again...lets just say i finally caught the puke and as a result got kicked out during my crew's set.

punks jump up to get beat down?


so other than that, i tip my hat to Jordan for bringing techno out and trying to expose it...but shit man, its disrespect like that , thats a shame



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^^^^^ NO DOUBT....

All I am saying is that little bitch should check him self before he wrecks himself...ya heard!

No seriously though....are U 12? if so, stay home with mom because you obviously can't enjoy a night out. That kids damn lucky he didnt' get a worse pouncing...all I remember him saying is [in his girlish high pitched voice] "let me go...aaahhhh let me go" hahahaha....bitch

word to the wise...techno is true music for true headz...don't represent unless ya know....



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Alright, now that I am alittle more rested up and ready to make some sort of formal reply, here goes:

My night started off kind of slow, we got there just as Brandon's set (Battle Android Trooper) had its power cut, so we got to sit around for a good half hour, talking to various people and begging the alcoholic binge. I was ID'd once I got in, and I managed to get the same bartender the whole night, so he had my drink figured out within an hour or two.

Unabomber's set was decent, I was starting to get alittle drunk, and spent the majority of this set talking with friends and such, fairly nice set though. Met a few interesting people here and there, which is something that is always welcome. I need to start the ol' tradition of bringing a small book around again, just to keep the spirit of meeting people alive within myself.

If memory serves, Jordan Teschky came on next, and laid down a solid set, and I started to dance... Greg Gow came on and mentally raped my senses... I don't think I've danced that hard (or that long) in years! Even got some grinding in too with a lovely young woman ;] Techno booty wha?

I don't think I stoped dancing until Optik's set ended... it wasn't 100 at the end, but I was giving him my best after the earlier Dj's beat the christ out of me. I actually was starting to get angry at people yelling at Optik to 'speed it up! Make it harder!' little shits don't appreciate what they're given. Over all his set was nice, mellow, but still kept the booty moving.

About that altercation you were talking about Tekkid:
Was it some kid in a phatfarm sweater or something like that? Nitted and expensive? I saw someone try and take him down, and they got kicked out. That the same thing, or a differnt event?

The venue itself was nicely done up, I loved every minute of the event. That hallway was really fun trying to deal with drunk ;]

Congrats to the Found Ontario Crew for their splended work on the event! Nice touch at the end (as always) with the speech about Christmas.



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I forgot about grooverobber!

his set was alright, I seem to remember alot of bumping and grinding going on during it...

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Yea it was a fun night out for me too!!!! A hard night out but good!!!

Yea that guy yelling to be harder and faster and my favorite "make it sound like its from hell" (hehehehe Funny!!!)

TekKid- I must have met you when the serbian dude was being all stooped!!!!!
Long story with the owners of that place!!!!

Sorry about that messy situation!!! Greg seemed a little worried when all this was going on!

Thats all...

Thanks for comming out!