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guess who's probably moving to toronto

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heh crispin glover

i was watching back to the future II last night and in the bonus features they were talking about how mr. crispin was holding for more cash and told the producers he wouldn't return unless his ridiculous salary was met. so they wrote the whole movie around his character being murdered.

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Originally posted by Casey
In that case, I do not want to have his babies, no matter how cool Back to the Future is.

It's very cool, like almost absolute zero, since the superconducting gigawatts reside there.
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hmm .. absolute zero, eh?

but i thought superconducters got really really ridiculously hot ;)
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Originally posted by !Myagi!
so anyway, im moving to toronto.

unappreciative assholes.



hope you have lots of money to waste on excessive housing due to an absence rent control and perhaps you can bask in joys of a lack lustre public transport system.

However, the transport system is still somewhat good second only to ottawa in Ontario.

But toronto is fun, if i cant find a job with overseas for the summer i might move there and be a waiter again.
cest la vie