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Guess who was detained at the border for drugs!

Hi i'm God

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what ever happend to your first ones free? Or how about some boxing day sales? buy 5 grams get you next 5 halfprice. or toss in one of these classy gov posters that cost us millions to make i'm sure.
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Interesting .... the rock star, hippy, and tacky tourist are all pictures that were used in a Value Village Halloween flyer this year. Seriously.

Ditto Much

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The DEA has a colouring book. Its 15 pages long and it has all the pictures you would expect to find in a colouring book.

It start with a picture of a car with people in it. than a picture of the people standing beside he car and there luggage being searched. Than a picture of bags of drugs and it goes on and on. The entire booking procedure including the picture of your holding cell (and big ass looking dud in it already!!).

The only gave u the black and the blue caryons though...

the fucked up part is that I'm not joking, Im completely serious. In retrospect I regret having throwin out that colouring book. When your sitting in your boxers at a border while 6' tall 300 pound officer debats if your going to have to get completely naked with another officer that looks even bigger, your creative juices are excetional.
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This would make a great gift for a friend...

Him and I are now "red-flagged" at the border for something like that :D