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GU0?? Sasha


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Intro Paragraph..

"The big news is this: Sasha’s back, planning a new mix for Global Underground. And he’s going to remix, re-produce and recreate every single damn track on there. We caught up with him during a rare studio break to find out where his head’s at."

More than likely not really breaking news (I havn't really been keeping up to date or following much news the past few months) But sounds really interesting.... making edits of/writing/remixing every song on the mix.... adding a touch of himself to each track..

sounds good to me!
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Just thought of something...

Do u think this will be an official part of the GU series? Or maybe a 1 time off-shoot?

Reason I was wondering was that it sounds like this is going to end up being a very technical mix...what with all the edits and such... I've started geting the impression that it's going to be more like a studio project rather than an adaptaion of a live set...

not to mention.. in the interview he says..

“I want it to be a bit more eclectic than perhaps my other CDs. And not necessarily be worried about this super smooth continuous club mix. I’m interested in something that jumps tempos and stuff, it’s not going to sound like a standard club mix.”


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Def. sounds like it'll be a GU offshoot, not a city based comp. Any prospective times mentioned in that article?
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