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So I am on the streetcar lastnight after a long days work and some lady comes and sits right beside me. She proceeds to friggin call Rogers Cable I am assuming from the conversation and YELL into the phone at them. Not talk normally ---- YELL!!!
What the fuck is wrong with people!! Honestly I will never understand why people are so fucked - this YELLING went on for about 15 minutes - I put on my music about 3 minutes into the YELLING so I could drown her out. She finally got her fat ass of the streetcar and a girl infront of me was like "goodbye" and I was just shaking my head along with the rest of the streetcar. SO annoying...
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Evil Dynovac

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I can't imagine anyone being such an ass.

I would like to think that I would grab their phone, hang up for them, and then push them out of the chair and into the aisle.
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