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Growing up ghetto and the strange cravings that follow


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I like:

peanut butter and relish sandwiches

That is almost a peanut butter (Squirrel extra crunchy) and sliced garlic dill pickle sandwich (strubs +++). Excellent!!! And mayo will always be very very very important. Cheetos are always goood, especially with beer.

I didn't make it to Ronces today, but will get the good herring tomorrow without fail.


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peanut butter and relish sandwiches

I don't think that's ghetto...unless the ghetto is on mars. That's just plain nasty!

My favourite trashy meal:
Can of V8
Pepperoni (or other meat) stick
Pack of reese's peanut butter cups

And a smoke for dessert.


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Ok I finally thought of some questionable things I ate growing up and still enjoy:

-stale candy/candycanes (the chewier the better)
-doritos (as my mom says, doritos is a meal when you don't feel like cooking)
-mcd's french fries dipped in vanilla milkshake (unfortunately the new super thick ones ruin the nostalgic slumming)
-broken chocolate bars, usually o'henry, sold in a plastic tub for $2 or so
-pizza bagel (bagel cut in half, tomato sauce, melted cheese; I thought my mom invented them as a child and was shocked when I discovered other people do make it too)
-chapman's icecream, neapolitan, preferably eaten float style with cream soda pop
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I was so sad when Marks & Sparks closed down all its Canadian stores. You just can't find any beef or turkey flavoured crips anymore *sniff*sniff*

there's a store near yonge and bloor that sells imported walker's crisps. is it walkers? i think so. anyways, i lost my mind in there cos they had all the meat flavoured crisps. yum! although they didn't have my fave lamb ones, but i don't think they make those anymore. why hasn't any chip manufacturer over here caught on to this idea?

the only thing i can think of that i love love love is a slice of processed plasic cheese (normally barf!) on my mom's homemade toasted bread. nothing else will do!

oh yeah and cheezies. so gross but so good.

every few years i get a craving for KD and then i make it, and it is totally underwhelming.
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I still make "special" every once in a while. Kraft dinner, ground beef, tomato soup (no water).

My grilled cheese MUST be eaten with ketchup (I don't like ketchup on anything else, except bad fries) and white bread (although, I have tried the "enriched bread" and it works too)

When I was living on my own, perogies where the cheapest thing for my buck ($2.50 a bag and that could last a week of dinners) and I use to eat them with french dressing.....if I kept french dressing in my fridge, I would eat those again.
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Dirty girl....I found a place on roncesvalles called Sweet Thrills that carries a few British products. Some crisps, lots of candy, heinz beans and soups (that are from England), iru-bru and branson pickle

Dirty Girl

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^thanks, but i dont live in or near toronto so thats no help to me lol.
i used to live on ronces in one of my other lives ... *sigh*


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I've only had KD maybe three timse in my life?
And one time, it was baked into a casserole.. Fancy.
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300ml Bottle of Coke and a package of 2 butter tarts...

Mum use to make me mushed sardines on toast as a kid...

Typing this as Ieat leftover ossobucco that I made last night...
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