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Growing out hair... *psbr#kt2hk@dsrflkt!!!*


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I'm sure there are many Tribe ladies out there who can empathize... I'm getting to the " I-look-like-a-poodle-semi-mullet-inbetween" stage right now, and it's driving me absolutely bonkers.

I've been trying to grow my hair out for years now, and always end up cutting it. This time, I'm DETERMINED to succeed.

Problem?? My hair grows slower than Gary Coleman.

Has anyone here ever had hair extensions put in? Thought about it? Done any research?

I've been doing some sleuthing this morning, and from what I can tell *which isn't really much at all* it's painfully expensive.

Advice? Comments? Scissors?

Jess ;)
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Originally posted by JESuX

Problem?? My hair grows slower than Gary Coleman.


One thing you can do to stimulate hair growth is stop using shampoo and conditioner. I only have anecdotal evidence that it works, but it might help.


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my best advice: don't cut your hair.

just deal with it. i find that every couple of weeks or so, the cut changes cause the hair's growing and it looks different and good. hang in there!

you can also try some hair products, i recommend: african gold.


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the key to growing your hair out is to either keep it very layery in the front (i.e. play up the whole mullet thing), or cut it way up in the back.

hair always looks nice growing out when the front has longer bits than the back, IMO.

EDIT: i feel your pain, sistah.
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if it's any consolation I've got a damned mullet going on right now.

thankfully tomorrow at 9am the girl who cuts my hair is back from vacation and I will be scalped.

so I guess in the end this really doesn't make you feel better.


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I'm the opposite, I'm sick of my hair already after growing it back.

So tempted to either become a hippy and not getting it cut.
Or shave it off once a week like before.

pr0nstar :confused:
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I haven't had a hair cut in three years and have never been to a barber or salon in my life.

<insert dirty hippie jokes here>


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It took me 4 years to have just a little bit longer than shoulder-length hair... so I KNOW it all too well.

I put expensions and it fucked my hair... if you get extensions, don't get the "glue-type" ones.
I strongly suggest to just try your best and ignore it while at this stage. I know it's hard, there were so many times where I wanted to cut it, but just keep changing the style... add wax, do it up funky and you'll see that it will eventually get to a length where you'll be happy with.


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my girlfriend recently got extensions because she was going though the same thing as you. she had them done at fiornio (spelling?) on the corner of yonge and st. clair and they look absolutely great. they also did her color there as well, so when they put the extensions in, they first colored them to match her hair exactly. they weave the hair in around at the base of the scalp, starting behind one ear, and working it's way around to the other ear. i think that the whole thing cost around $400 dollars, and i think that you have to get them re-weaved every three months or so depending on how fast your hair grows out. i'll see if i can dig up some before and after shots for more info.

hope this helps a bit.

shouts from the south,

james e


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ahh ive been growing my hair for a while now

im so determined i havent had a haircut in well over a year.
split ends peh? longer loonger

uhm. anyway.
that stage sucks..especially if you are growing out bangs.
i just pretended that i liked being extra scruffy and frumpy
(similar to this day when im just slightly less scruffy and frumpy)

buy some hairclips..or fancy hair products?

if youre afraid of looking like a boy..blowdry the ends out flippy. i did that for a couple of months. and it think it looked a-0k; and if you really want, you can pretend you are a tv anchor woman.

if you have to get a cut..get just a trim to clean up the back. try to leave as much of the front as possible.

yes. advice. mee.
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has pics of extensions and cuts but getting extensions is sooooo pricey
It is like 100 dollars an hour - my friend worked out to it costing her like 5 bills and she has shoulder length hair

I have been thinking of getting them also when my hair gets to that annoying stage but can't justify spending that money
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Originally posted by funkywanderer
. i think that the whole thing cost around $400 dollars,

:eek: :eek:

holy christ! thats a mortgage payment!

Jess - just stick with it. I khow this all too well. Going on 4 years of trying to grow my lid out. my hat and my ponytail are all I have :(


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Originally posted by pr0nstar
$400 isn't much when you hear girls paying $100+ for cut/style/colour! :eek:

ya silly rich girls..

i've never paid for then 10$ for a haircut. woo topcuts!
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