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Group Hug


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I was looking forward to this party for weeks . I'm sooo disappointed! I'm sitting at home now when I should be partying my ass off! This sucks! Well, just wondering how the party was....Wish I could have been there.


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was an awesome time!! subsonic chronic gets the award for set of the night!

..more after sleep!

Musical Rush

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I agree with Bucky Subsonic played some sweet Goa trance near the end of his set WHOO WEE what a rush thanks again for a sweet set
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Who is this Subsonic Supterstar I have been reading all about? Sets of the night for 2 parties in 2 weeks...!
Good job Pete...looking forward to seeing ya next weekend!

Party on the rooooof!


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great party
had a lot of fun
spent some quality time with close friends, and met a few new people (yes, that's you moez sweetie
you are sooo nice!)
mmm that was some saweet goa....ahhhh bust a move...soooo good!
probably my favorite hulla yet



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How touched was I when Anabolic Frolic took the mike. Tears welled up in his eyes as he spoke of the importance Hulla has been to him. And we all know that he has been through so much yet he still pulls together such amazing parties with what I would call the most incredible vibe. So many smiles, and sooo much dancing.

I met so many wonderful people and saw so many good friends.

The music was nothing short of kick ass, and it is always wikkid to see so many people dancing to every single set. Such an easy crowd to please

well, it was a good night, and I had a really great time, and Sarafina, you are nothing short of SEXY

Subsonic Chronic

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Ahhh... what a great party!
Hulla vibes never fail to impress me. And Chris' speach? What a touching moment!
Got there just a tiny bit too late to take advantage of the licensed area (d'oh!). And I had to head out relatively early because I was super fatigué that night from my other daily activities.
It was great to see the Opera House packed, and knowing that Hullabaloo still has that strong following it's always had.

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Now I'm back form my weekend of fun I can write a reaview.
This party was DOPE! All the ppl I met on the bus coming up from guelph, mel, rob etc. you guys are amazing. james you made my weekend , jo it was good to see you , sorry to hear you skate was taxed on friday I wanted to skate w/ you and james this weekend (I was the kind in the morning w/ the skateboard in his bag.)

now to the party itself. we got there at about 9 because I had to get a door ticket and luckly once of the guelph kids had a rhythem ticket so we got in rihgt at the start walking rihgt past the line. thanks door/line guy w/ the beard. no not teenwolf the burly security guy checking the ID. Security was a little nuts. I was ready for it becuase of serenity last week. "get your rubber gloves ready" unfortunatly I was staying in TO for the weeeknd so I had a full day pack of cloths and personal stuff. so I was at security for a quiote a while. DJwolf was amazing. this is the 2nd time I've seen him . such a good set. next time hopefully hes on later in the night so more ppl can see him.
every set on friday was good. the best set for me was On the decks now,mu mu my man, Cap , cap capital J . that set had me dancing so hard such good tracks. his new dubplate had everyone going insaine where I was. and the bass in that is soooo good. also the MOP ante up jungle mix was sooooooooo sick! I was singing/ sreaming that words along soo happily. (happy junglist what are the odds?) anabolics set was soo good. but was was really hot form capital J so I couldnt dance as much as I wanted to.
spice put down a really good set. silence totally re-energized me and everyone left in the place I wish there could have 1 more track after everyone cheering and whistling.
esp the whistling. i wish there was more morning trance at this party. I wish I oculd have heard cafe del mar. that track gets me going esp for the encore. I would have gone insaine.
to everyone I met. it was good partying w/ you.
lesslyn, jo, james, guelph crew, nub, matt, peter, etc.
nice one bruv.


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goood to hear nothing drastic happened @ this party and that the tribe Kru still apperates great talents like capital j but i didnt make it so i dont know what to say so peace


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it was weird. i rolled down the window at midnight on adelaide, some chicks said there was a party at the opera house, and here i found myself at my first hulla party.. i found out that 'happy hulla' is a common expression which seemed cool.. i got more bracelets than i've ever gotten at a party! and the vibe was especially hype.. props to alana and belinda who i found and without i think i'd have been pretty lost.. the bouncer was nice, no excessive searches, the water was cold, and it all seemed well organized.. as for the music, well... i'm not that big into hhc anymore (this is maybe what i was into two years ago .. house/techno/breaks is more my thing now), but still a cool experience!