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Groovin' w / Gilles :)


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Decisions, decisions.......Parks and Wilson at one end of the scale and Gilles Peterson at the other.

My choice of party partners made the decision for me ( hi Chris ) so it's of to the Roxy we go.......

As usual at the Roxy the crowd was sweet and full of sweeties, I also like the new placement of the dj booth.
I never thought that I would ever say this but at times the sound was a little to loud, is that a new sound system ?

Gilles was a refreshing change from what I have been listening to lately, he played a really smooth set of house, latin, rnb, dnb, and UK G. When he started switching from Rnb to some dnb and "garidge" the place went off !

"BOO !"

Too bad that UK G is having a hard time geting crowds in TO, I love hearing it bigger systems and the crowd always seem up for it when they hear it, specialy the laydees.

All in all an exelent night !

Now after some afternoon jazz it's time for tonights decision, Mateos or Josh Wink.....man, we are sooooo spoiled.
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