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Grooverider @Life

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ecstasy riot, Oct 8, 2001.

  1. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    I really really wanted to see this, as I have never seen him. But Life? Oh well. What did he play?
  2. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    He only played one of the best facking sets I've seen all year! Two hours of amazing dubplates... I think I could count the number of released tunes he played on one hand. And they were deep, deep tunes... pure rolling funk, with a few harder tunes thrown in when necessary. I think it was a Lemon D dubplate that got 3 rewinds... I haven't seen that kind of shit in a long time! And at the end of the two hours, everyone started calling for an encore, so the Rida played his new tune on Sony called Skies... damn it was good.

    Overall one of the best nights I've had in ages. Thanks A.W.O.L.

  3. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    Wicked, Wicked night......thats my first time going to Life, and if they keep throwing drum&bass nights, I'll go again for sure.

    The rider was amazing, as Doublecross said, I knew about five tunes the whole night....funnily enough I also counted I thin five bad mixes during his set too...but noone goes to see grooverider for his mixing skill [​IMG].....Some really hard tracks, and a whole lotta funk thrown in there, I bet I'll never hear some of those tracks again, I think Flipside said it best when he said we were hearing tunes that we wouldn't hear again for 10 years......was that Lemon D track the one with the apache break?? Serious biz......all in all a hype night, and the crowd was off the hook, not too many under 19, and they fully appreciated what groove was doing.

    Respect to AWOL for the jam, and respect to Doublecross for the disc.

  4. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    why o why didnt i go
  5. f-prime

    f-prime TRIBE Member

    That's about all i can say.
    Grooverider just smoked......i couldn't stop moving, even when tired my head wouldn't stop bobbing. I'm glad the MC managed to keep quiet for most of GR's set.
    The locals warming up the crowd did a damn nice job too. Illfingas played a really good set (and i'm usually not a fan of tommy).
    Words can't describe how i felt last night on the dancefloor [​IMG]
  6. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    Anybody thnk there will be a tape of the night?? Wish I could've been there.

  7. kurtz

    kurtz TRIBE Member

    Welcome back A.W.O.L.!!!!!! Keep representing the darkside. Grooverider was defn a treat, the night ran very smoothly, the morning on the other hand was a different story!

  8. green_souljah

    green_souljah TRIBE Member


    That was the party of the year.

    Arrived at around 11:00, to pay $20 to get in at the door (which I found quite reasonable I was expecting to pay more than that)

    Illfingaz was warming things up...and doing a great job of doing so I might add.

    Grooverider was unbelievable. Just a sonic assault which I truly needed to hear. That track that got reloaded three times was just unreal. I noticed his style was almost on the verge of being "dreamy" (for lack of better words) for the most part, but still VERY hard and dark.
    The MC's let the man play, and for the most part just stood back and watched the show, realizing that the crowd was into it enough just by hearing the creator of DnB do his thing.
    Freaky Flow followed up and did not dissapoint, playing a mix of old school and nu.

    This party was exactly what I needed.
    I am officially "unjaded".
    The venue was well decorated, wasnt as hot as I was told it would be, and the crowd was much older than I expected.

    Sketch factor was non-existent.
    Thug factor was very minimal.
    It looked to me like everybody was having a few beers with friends and enjoying the music of a legend in his own time.

    I have never danced so hard for so long in my entire partying career.

    I would give this party a 10/10.

    Ok now Im going to bed...
  9. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    I sure as hell hope so, but I'm not overly optimistic because Grooverider is signed to Sony, so they (or he) probably doesn't want unreleased material getting onto the market. I know at least one song he played is off his new album on Sony, so it could be a touchy subject. Things aren't the same now as they were a few years ago when tapes were mostly underground.

    But I hope I'm wrong!

  10. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    You should have secretly plugged your walkman into the mixer like I said Rob!
  11. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    Dave, Grooverider is quite a large person. I wouldn't want to call his wrath down upon me.

  12. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    sounds like it was amazing!!

    good thing I don't like that jungle stuff [​IMG]
  13. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    no way its getting released.......the set was all dubplates

    no way
  14. Shintriad

    Shintriad TRIBE Member


    yeah, it was a pretty decent party. I caught Illfingas and Slip n Slide, 'fingas did a great job and the emcees were hot ... especially Nye. got-damn!

    grooverider ... well, this was the first time I've ever seen the dude. wasn't expecting him to wear a tight sparkly shirt. anyway, the sole attraction to seeing him was his awesome selection. basically he would simultaneously drop two of the phattest dubs you've heard in a long while, play them out, and then rewind.

    great tunes but:
    a) bro can't mix for shit
    b) bro is therefore not fun to watch
    c) bro rewound every single song
    d) BRO ... don't play body rock when the cat before you already did.

    plus there was not much room to dance .. and I really wished a rolled a jilzy before I stepped in the place. BTW, anyone notice the metal detector? first time I've seen one at a club or party.

    still ... it was worth the ticket price for the choons! oh yeah, and life is a cool venue.
  15. --[Zirca]--

    --[Zirca]-- TRIBE Promoter

    Well, on a night that so much was happening it was very difficult to decide where to go, but I think I made the right choice….the legendary Grooverider.

    I had doubts about this event…first, it was all ages and I’m not a huge fan of partying with immature little kids, not to mention these new school junglist thugs and two, I had only heard bad things about the venue, Life. Thankfully, I had no problems with the all ages I did, however, have problems with the venue. The line-up getting in was fine, coat check…no probs, but the layout…it’s brutal. So many little side rooms and low ceilings do not go well in my book. The venue was hot, but I’ve been to worse. The staff wasn’t very friendly, nor helpful….how do I mean? Well, a friend of ours broke their nose while we were there (entirely accidental) and the staff wouldn’t give us any ice for her to put on it. I had to find a security guy to tell the waitress to give me ice….what’s up with that?!!!

    Anyway, on to the music….PHENOMENAL. I caught the tale end of Slip N Slides set, I believe, which was good as usual…then the legend himself hit the decks, Grooverider. I had no idea he was doing such a long set (over 2hrs!!), but he had me dancing my ass off the entire night. Maybe it was just me, but a lot of the tracks he threw down I had never heard before, which was such a nice change. THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST JUNGLE SETS I HAVE HEARD ALL YEAR (yep, comparable...maybe better than Marcus’ set at WEMF and I didn’t think anyone could top that night) The only problem with his set was that the venue was too damn packed. ZERO room to dance in the main room, unless you like to do the head bop, knee bend dance…no thanks! My friends and I had to retreat to one of the side rooms to actually clear some space and then we were fine.

    We stuck around for a few of Freaky Flows tracks, which were good, but we were pretty wiped from Grooveriders set so we took off. It was, however, very nice to see that Freaky Flow had switched up his track selection – the last three times I’ve seen him this year his sets were relatively the same.

    All in all for $15 I couldn’t have gone wrong. Sure I had problems with the venue and the staff, but the beatz were sick and I was with good company. Hopefully A.W.O.L. and Most Wanted will brush up on these issues next time, but I thank them VERY much for bringing in Grooverider.



    Oh yeah, it was GREAT not too see ANY cracked out kids (old and young)…There’s hope yet!
  16. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    dan icq me! 114031212
  17. Zenmaster Chi

    Zenmaster Chi TRIBE Promoter

    Damn you're picky...either way, Grooverider spun a dope set. Totally worth 15 bucks...

    All my sentiments been stated already so there's no need to be redundant....

  18. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    TUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no more to say.

    as for the critics of the mixing, please take note of the fact that he was smoking weed for the whole set. he was so stoned that he could barely keep his eyes open. now that's a dj that i admire.


    ps. please bring fabio next please
  19. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    ^^very true, the man was smoking cones all night...i wasn't criticizing his mixing, i expected it, grooverider is not the best mixer and we all know it..........if you expected more, you've probably never heard him before.

    As for the rewinding.....i think thats a bit of an exxageration(sp,) sure he rewound enough, but the crowd REALLY wanted it. How often have you seen a crowd chanting for an encore from a DJ?? First time for me......and I was all smiles [​IMG]
  20. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    and yes, all the rewinds were necessary. i usually hate rewinds, but it was done properly. as for the triple rewind on that one tune; very called for. i probably could have lived with hearing it a forth time. the only other time i've seen that done, and had it work so well was the multiple rewind of body rock by shimon. (he did rewind that a bunch of times right?! i wasnt just drunk, or was i?!)


    ps. i think he had enough weed, that he could have shared some with me. no one told him about the rule about passing it i guess.
  21. --[Zirca]--

    --[Zirca]-- TRIBE Promoter


    "Puff, puff give muthafucka, people can get killed if they fuck up the rotation..."

    Smoke Dog Baby! Friday

    Nuff said...


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