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Groovekat @ Surface

Jeremy Jive

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Now that ended up being a pretty damn good party. It's too bad that James and Ray both showed up on time because me and Kiang were really starting to get a groove going. But Ray and Finch took it over properly. So nice to see so many smiling faces and people I just don't see often enough. Lots of pretty girls too!

I can't believe how much I ended up drinking. I'm more stunned to know how I ended up waking up in the beaches. At least she gave me a cab chit to get home. I haven't been this hung over in a very long time.

jeremy -gonna go lie down- jive
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Prickly Pete

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This was a last minute thing for me but I ended up having a great time (despite not bringing my dancin shoes). Music was great. Good job spinning Jeremy and nice to meet you (I was one of Aron's friends). Thanks for the CD too. It will get lots of play in the car.

My first time at Surface and I must say its a great little spot. If they continue to have $5 cover and good house music I might just have to make it out to Surface a few more times.


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hey i was as surprised as you were that they were on time.

Had a great time overall, sweet beats and great people. The venue was good, small and intimate.

Great party Jo, luv ya!!

Maria :D

P.S. where the f*#@ was my CD jer????:p


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lots of yummy grrls

Great turnout and wikked vibe for such short notice.

The venue was perfect for the warm up and build up of Jeremy Jive and Kiang who played some bumpin' house tunage.

Then Finch and Ray Ray were great in building on the previous two, peaking with Grant Phaboa's classic track Tub (how come I always think of an Egyptian pharoh when I hear his name and think of the Tub cover art??).

Proper house. Proper venue. Great people. Cheap (read value) cover. It's hard to get all 4 at once these days.


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I've been meaning to write this all week, but haven't had time, so here goes.

Such a good night. I arrived pretty early (10:30ish), and was greeted by the sweet sounds of Kiang and Jeremy Jive on the decks. As said above, these guys know how to warm it up proper. They started off pretty deep but kept picking it up throughout their set. Loved some of the remixes they threw down (Jamiroquai anyone?). Soooo good.

By the time Finch and Ray stepped in to take over, the place was pretty busy, and tons of people were bustin' it on the dance floor.

Finch and Ray kicked it up a notch, and dropped some wicked tracks. Tons of French filtery house goodness. I've never been able to sit still while these two are spinning. Kept me groovin right till they shut 'er down.

Props to Joanna and the Groovekat kru for a wicked night. The decor was awesome too. Such a nice little space. I totally hope they can throw some more events at this space. So nice and intimate.

Maggs :D
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Joker FX Cha

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Unfortunately I was there early, and had to go early too (Sorry Jo). In the time I was there, I was like'n it. I'm think'n it's a cool venue. The sound was good too.

Only got to hear Jeremy Jive and Kiang. Was all good guys. Respect Finch and Ray Ray, I'll catch you next time.

Jo, your parties are all ways wicked fun! Next time I'll stay. I PROMISE! You know I had to go. I'll even not go boarding to go to your party... *smack head* "what am I say'n?"

OHHHH and the BEST part! we're the ally Kat eye candle things, they were SOOOooo coooooll.

Till next time.... Ride hard!



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many thanks...

to those that came out last friday and supported mr. jive and myself during our opening set. surface (when it was called foundation) use to be one of my favourite spots, so it was awesome to play there for the first time.

ray ray and mr finch took over quite nicely and had everyone shaking their butts. good job guys!

wish some of you had come up to introduce yourselves though - didn't realize you were all on tribe ;)

p.s. it was especially nice seeing mr. maggs out - i haven't seen you in ages! we'll have to hook up for a drink sometime soon brotha!