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GrooveKat invades MAD BAR


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2am and i'm already home..but these last couple of nights have been sleepless(since weaver) and i work early tomorrow morning..
tonight was my first time being in Mad Bar since they fixed things up...and i must say .WOW..the place looks sweet.
I got there with pronstar around 11ish? and Finch was warming up the place real nice...by midnight he had the whole joint rockin..then it was my turn to kill the crowd in the backroom hah..
after i realized that drinking and talking while dj'ing isn't good..the 3rd mix on..everything was fine =)
Nice to see alot of tribe peeps out and about...svet (thanks for shakin your ass the whole time =) Beaker, for lending me some funky tracks..and everyone else who managed to hoot and hollar when the bass dropped..i had an awesome time..
As i made my exit Peter Nomad and co. were throwing down some nasty funky beats..nice nice
Even Mr. Perfect(wwf wrestler) liked the beats (he was there!! i swear on my life)
time for sleep...
hopefully this maybe a regular thing on fridays?

One more things..a big shout out to Joanna for making this all happen..thank you


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More later since I have to get to work now.
WIKKED sets Finch and Ian------ didn't have a choice but to shake it!!!


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That was a super way to get my night going -- in retrospect I should have spent my entire night with you all.
Many thanks to Jo for getting me and my drunken crew in the door :) (i apologize to you once again for my friend John -- his rambling and antics only got worse as the night progressed...:()

Also, Mr. Perfect *was* there, and he threatened to put me in a headlock. I told him I didn't want to kick his ass and he left me alone and bought me a drink in tribute to my massive power.


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It's was great...
Had fun... but I was way too tired, the 4 hour Train ride back from Ottawa killed me and my dancing attitude.

I wasn't my normal self.

But the music and people were great...

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Sunny @ Lori's house:

Congrats to Jo for a great night. I am so happy for you. Wishing you many nights like this to come.

I was happy to see Kenny. Haha.


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damn good night!!!!!!

i rarely ever go out to anything but breaks events, but i came out for this. This night was sick, completely off the hook.
I havent had that much fun at a house event in yerars.
Jo, thanks for the G.L. and keep it up dude. Toronto needs more nights like dis.
...and Janice, thanks for making my ngiht that much better, you rock

p.s. i got mr perfects autograph...i know i am a dork

Smiley Jo

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Wow, i'm so happy that everyone had such a fantastic time! :D

The goals of the night were to give the boyz a chance to show you all what they've got, and also to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves! So from the sounds of it, the evening was a success!

I'd like to say thanks to each and every one of you who came out to support us. I was totally thrilled to see so many smiling friendly faces! It really meant alot to me. :)

Thanks to Mark James for hooking us up, and the fabulous staff at Mad Bar for all their help.

Also to my DJs for the night; Finch, Ian McIntosh, Peter Nomad and Mike Richards - You guys made the night what it was. It's all about you boyz! Thanks for all your hard work. It's only the beginning... ;)

Watch out, GrooveKat is on the prowl... *giggle*



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congrats jo!
sounds like it was fun!
i was lame and tired and broke and didn't make it out:(
next time tho!!


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Jeez...it was a seriously fun night out.

I really enjoyed playing on the main room's big-ass system, and the new booth in there is actually really nice - once you get over the fact that the decks are so far in front of you.

It was totally wicked to see everyone out too! There's nothing like looking up from the decks to see the place full and hopping, and all of your friends right in the front! Thanks guys and dolls. I had to keep things nice and easy at the start, but I hope I got dirty enough for some of your particular tastes towards the end.

My sincearest apologies for the UFF (Unidentified Foreign Frequency) that somehow managed to find it's way into the sound system during "Sous Le Soleil" - It sounded like a grounding issue to me. *shrug*

Of course, the biggest thanks go out to Jo for doing such a great job for us all the time, and masterminding this evening from start to finish. *muah*

Can't wait for the next one.

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it was mega fun!
too bad i was only there for like a hour, and missed finchs set but it was still fun

all except the mr perfect being a douche bag thing..

way to go joanna!

Joker FX Cha

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Ah for the love of crap! How stupid, fucked up, fuck'n bullshit, ass rape'n, donkey fuc'n, cock knock'n, son of a bitch, whore like'n, Bum hole! iiiiisssssss what I would have said if I couldn't have made it for this night. I had a wonderful time!
Congratulations JO.
Big up's to all the DJ's.



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oi oi!

ah yes...

i had super fun and it was great to see all da peeps i know...
especially neil-i-o!!!happy b'day dude

and to Joey...i hope that pic surfaces to tribe, i hope you were to drunk to remember.

big ups Ian...
Finch, well you know what i told you...:>
and Jo....you are too sexy for that shirt, and those specs!!